“It has become luxury for ordinary Nigerians” – Families abandon noodles as price soars

As the cost of noodles continues to rise in Nigeria, families in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) are making the difficult decision to eliminate this popular fast-food item from their regular menus.

Parents expressed concerns over the financial strain caused by the surging prices in interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria.

Hajiya Hauwa Bakari, a mother and teacher, revealed that she used to prepare noodles for her children’s school lunches on Fridays and for Islamic school on Sundays.

However, the recent and significant increase in the price of noodles prompted Bakari to seek alternative, more affordable food options within her household.

“The last carton we bought before the present increase was N6, 000 for indomie noodles.

“By the time I went to get the same item after two weeks, it had increased to N8,400.

“Now I learnt that the price is N18,000 and above for medium-sized indomie noodles, while minimie noodles are N16,000.

“I know it is one of my children’s favourite foods, but with the way things are going, I cannot afford it, so they have to eat whatever is available at home,” she said.

Mrs. Kemi Samuel, a mother of four, also made the decision to remove noodles from her grocery list, considering it an impractical use of resources.

She said she opted to purchase and cook more budget-friendly spaghetti with ample vegetables for her family, noting that spending a substantial amount on noodles, which are quickly consumed, seemed financially unjustifiable.

Mr Shefiyu Abubakar, a shop owner, acknowledged that fewer people could afford to purchase noodles from his shop due to the escalating prices.

He attributed the surge in noodle prices to inflation in the country and expressed hope for a decrease in food prices to alleviate financial strain on many households.

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