BREAKING: Japanese Police blocks IPOB members from attacking President Buhari [PHOTOS]


The Japanese Police has mobilized its officers to manage members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, who were waiting to harass President Muhammadu Buhari at the Nigerian Ambassador to Japan’s residence in Tokyo.

Smartly dressed Police officers have surrounded the area to manage any unwanted situation or occurrence. President Buhari who is in the country on official invitation was threatened to be harassed on any of his foreign trips by members of the group following the humiliation of former deputy senate president, Senator Ike Ekweremmadu in Nurenberg, Germany.

The Presidency has since then issued a series of responses to the attack threat, meanwhile, IPOB members who are protesting have insisted on a non-violent approach.

Photos below;


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IPOB Visits Tokyo in anticipation to unveil the truth about Buhari

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  1. President BUHARI Do the needful if u come back from the forign trip to avoid nigerians diaspora attact.u promise and failed the nigerians.

      1. U are d most idiotic human beings in d world. Furadenini or amala brain has completely blocked sense of rasoning, ewu awusa

    1. NO need to attack politicians any where but treat everyone that has stolen a penny from Nigerian government since 1960 Exactly as IBORI is been treated. If we don’t see most of this Shameless leaders that steals public funds in Nigeria in jail in a very short while,we Nigerians will let the Rulers know how we want to be ruled. Leaders be president SHOULD be fair and Efcc has to bring everyone of this criminals to justice.not just IBORI alone.God help NIGERIA

      1. Honestly, I make bold to say that, I have not seen anything reasonable or sensible in what IPOB and their leaders are doing. I see or perceive all their actions as highly irresponsible.

  2. The truth is that we cannot have a Republic in another Republic. Differences are normal in any civilized society and all that we need is decorum in a democratic dialogue while venting our grievances. Government come government go. Thoughts, ideas and views of multilingual, multicultural, multi religious nation like ours are bound to vary. My prayer is a unified Nigeria irrespective of the differences.

    1. Has FGN demonstrated decorum? I’m not ibo but I must confess that ipob has a legitimate cause. I wish my own people would also wake up. For once I support their resolve to harass our politicians out of their comfort zones in other countries and back to Nigeria. The country stinks

  3. President Buhari has done very well in agriculture. He should quickly do same on security so that those things that tends to tear us apart should be addressed. Let a national dialogue be opened between ipob and the government.

  4. Am very amused when some halfbaked so called elites keep telling us that those that are disgracing our irresponsible politicians abroad are uncivilized and called them names . Was President George Bush of America not thrown shoes at? Was Cameroon the former British prime minister not pelted with eggs and of recent was the founder of Brexit party in England was showered with milk during his campaign. So who is that military dictator in babaringa called Buhari or Ekeremadu compare with these aforementioned world class politicians? Anyway as usual, Nigeria is full of educated illetrates

  5. No matter how strong our leaders stand to help us we most have some in logical people who criticized him….my Allah help our good leaders and guide them to the right part

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