JUST IN: 10 major things FG said about lifting Interstate travel Ban, Resumption of Schools


The Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr. Boss Mutapha announced this afternoon, that the Nigerian government will be moving to the next Phase of the ease of Lockdown.

He also stated that the Federal Government has directed the resumption of schools and lifting of the interstate travel ban among other directives. POLITICS NIGERIA has compiled a list of 10 major things the SGF said about the next phase of easing the lockdown;​

1. Permission of movement across State borders only outside curfew hours with effect from 1st July 2020;

2. Enforcement of laws around non-pharmaceutical interventions by States, in particular, the use of face masks in public places;

3. Safe re-opening of schools to allow students in graduating classes resume in-person in preparation for examinations;

4. Safe reopening of domestic aviation services as soon as practicable

5. Publication of revised guidelines around the three thematic areas of general movement, industry and labour; and community activities

6. Provision of technical support for states to mobilise additional resources for the response;

7. Strengthening partnerships with States, Local Governments, traditional rulers, community/religious leaders and civil society to ensure increased public awareness and compliance with preventive guidelines;

8. Encouraging State governments to empower Local Government Authorities to intensify contact tracing efforts and ensure stronger grassroots mobilisation to support the response;

9. Encouraging States and Hospital authorities to ensure continuity of other health services to prevent fatalities from other life-threatening conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic;

10. Deepening of collaboration with other mandate groups at States/Federal levels to harmonise the country’s COVID-19 response in the short, medium and long terms.


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  1. Thanks Mr President/federal government for lifting interstate ban, for hearing the voice of the masses.
    Once again thanks and God bless.

    1. D federal govt lift inter state lock down n said movement on Interstate is only during d curfew hour that’s from 8pm to 5am invariably only night journey is allowed without considering d risk of life traveling only at nite time… Hmmmm wat a eye service govt we have in Nigeria..rubbish

        1. FG just put it in mind that there’s God!!!almighty Father will judge you people you will all reap what ever you people did

      1. So you don’t know how to read again. FG said outside curfew hours meaning u can travel during the day and no night traveling.

      1. Well is a good development, may Almighty God heal our fatherland from this pandemic of a thing

    1. It is not true, please Nela everybody is not criminal . Rather use some people because there many innocent people in Nigeria.

  2. The federal government has left another foot prints in alleviating the hardship encountered by most Nigerian especially on area of lifting the ban in cushioning the effect of some social, economic and academic sphere of the lives of the commoner’s.
    I think my kudos to the government from these angle.

  3. Peter, before you comment or complain about something, try to read and understand it. The statement says ‘permission of movement across state boarders outside curfew hours’. What it means is that you can travel but not during the curfew hours.

  4. But hope this is not a snare by the FG, if the positive cases continue to rise, hope they’ll not lock us down again. Thank God for this

  5. This guidelines should have been implemented earlier but better late than never . And Nigeria is always caught on aware why ?.

  6. Why traveling during the curfew? And what about the those that are traveling with flights they are not Human being like those people who traveled on Land. This is not fair at all. If only the federal government has agreed that they should be interstate ban lifting fine, let it be in favor of the masses not for your selfish interest.

  7. The news did not say that the travel schedule is during the curfew time. What the news says is that you can’t travel during the curfew time between 10pm and 4am

  8. Good development and kudos to the government of the day. However, this means that those luxurious buses that ply in the night will revert to day journey.

  9. It’s a simple English na. He said you can’t travel outside the curfew which means you can’t travel during the time of curfew

  10. Peter during curfew hours means no night journey. Pls try to read and understand before you make I’ll comments.

  11. All of you re not looking it d way am looking it, our president is self fish because of d Muslims they lift interstates ban so that d Muslims can travel 4 celebration of ileya. Am sorry if my word hit d good Muslims oooo but that is d truth.

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