JUST IN: Airtime Debts Canceled in Error, Subscribers to Repay – MTN

MTN Nigeria has announced that the recent cancellation of airtime and data loan debts for some subscribers was due to an error in the company’s system.

Subscribers who had their debts cancelled will be required to pay back the money once the error is fixed, according to an MTN customer care official.

“Users would still be responsible for paying the ostensibly cleared bills even after MTN fixes the problem that caused the debts to vanish from their accounts,” the official said.

The official explained that the disappearance of debts in the subscribers’ accounts was a “glitch,” meaning that the subscribers will still have to pay the supposed cleared debts once MTN rectifies the error.

Some subscribers had taken to social media to celebrate the cancellation of their debts, believing that it was a deliberate gesture from MTN.

One subscriber, named Ada, wrote on her WhatsApp status, “Debt has been paid. MTN debtors Check your account, MTN don clear una gbese.”

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