JUST IN: Another Video of Tinubu working out emerges [WATCH]


Another video of APC Presidential Candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu working out has emerged.

Tinubu on Sunday sent shockwaves across the Internet after sharing footage of himself working out on an exercise bike, dispelling rumours that he was sick and bed-ridden.

The video shared on his personal social media page was accompanied by the following statement;

“Many have said I have died; others claim I have withdrawn from the presidential campaign. Well… Nope.”

“This is the reality: I am strong, I am healthy and I am READY to serve Nigerians from Day One.”

However, another footage of the Lagos strongman working out has emerged. He is seen clad in shorts riding his exercise bike. Watch below;

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  1. For him to post the second picture of him working out, he is actually sick and this shows how desperate he is to become president of federal republic of Nigeria, it is not by force to rule and leadership is not by force if people are not backing you

    1. How do you know that he sick? Stop your sentiment. You people said more than these to Buhari in 2015 and 2019

      1. Then at last what happened, how many times did he left office unattended? how many times did he slept in the London hospital? Is it not because of his not focused because of sickness and weakness put Nigeria like this? infact is your real buhari alive? man vote wise and forget about tribal and religion this time for the future of your children not even you.

      2. Mr John, that is why Nigeria is sick today. Nigerians are hypocrites. They are only concern about what comes to their pockets. Buhari was sick Nigerians packaged him. Tinibu is sick Nigerians want to package him like Buhari. APC has nothing to offer.

    2. Joe Biden is older than Tinubu, Americans never critize his age, Obasanjo is older and still Hale and hearty also
      Why hate Tinubu, you can challenge him in court if you felt is unqualified

    3. But you hailed an aspirant running around the stadium to show his fitness to contest. Why castigating Jagaban on this. He gave you what you are yelling for Period!

    4. you and your type may not vote him but millions are ready to vote him despite the campaign of calumny against him, mind your tongue, that is our next president come 2023 innshaAllah

  2. If you are my father,I could have advised you to steer clear from this political imbroglio of life or death. You still have time to remain as hero to those you have helped and enjoy your life while people pay obeisance to you.

      1. You told us that you don’t need to strong to be the president, hence you studied accountancy and not applying for the work of a bricklayer.
        Now, what difference does exercise pictures do. Everyone does exercise.
        What’s expected of you now is to come and flag of your campaign and tell Nigerians what you will do for them

    1. Unfortunate for you, your father is nowhere near his pedigree and your advice would never go beyond the social-media space as it’s self-serving, sinister and unsolicited

      1. As popular as Tinubu is, he must have 1000s and some may be very close to him. If they can’t tell him such truth, at least after reading some of these important advises some should tell him such. Tell what they couldn’t tell him but they are now reading them online and the advices are very vital to his longer life. Life is one, once gone it’s forever. If they want him around they must do so.

      2. You sound like a dumbfuck! See the non living thing that represents all you miserable motherfuckers. Is the thief ur best candidate? Even pa Adebanjo is far healthier than that half dead candidate of yours. Fucking retard!

      3. There’s nothing wrong with the advice of Ofinland. Tinunbu is too sick and frail to go through the rigours of electioniaring campaign. Let him go and rest. It’s not a must to be president.

      4. You sound just like Tinubu! Hehehe! So desperate to be president. Did he really need to show people he’s strong? People will know by themselves. Well, let’s wait and see

  3. This man is total fake. So, they don’t talk while cycling? Besides, he should do something more concrete than an unverifiable cycling. How are we sure this is a recent event? He should walk on the street of London, discuss a recent event with someone or is he in isolation?

    1. This old man didn’t deserve to be a president of this country to rule over 280 millions people with his condition mtssssssssss

  4. Vertual president is not allowed again in Nigeria. He should come and sign peace accord by himself nobody can represent anyone at this point of the race. INEC is enemy of Nigeria by clearing Tinubu that is sick to run for president of Nigeria.

    1. While the momentum is decidedly and deservedly with Peter Obi, as Thiefnubu’s unlikely ascendency would spell a doom for the contraption called “Nigeria”, the final straw that breaks the camel’s back, it’s however not the job of INEC to disqualify any candidate based on the subjective grounds of health status.
      I want both Thiefnubu and Athiefku retired fair and square on the political battlefield! ’nuff said

      1. You guys are too much sentimental,if you younger ibo guys don’t ready to follow the history of Nigeria and study it very well, you will just be putting your people at the third class in Nigeria politics,so therefore if you cannot beat them join them and move forward, forget about calling your father and your mother bad name,if you like jump from one tree to other tree like a monkey,father naa father for in picking,we shall meet on the field of play by next year February.After loosing you will go back again and go carry your biafra flag.

  5. Ruling is meant for those that are mentally and physically ok to meet the daily responsibilities of the country. Come out and tell us why you think you deserve to be voted for. I think the elderly ones should step down and provide counsel to the leaders. Must we move from one virtual president to another. It’s time we elect someone we can ask questions based on what he has said not based on what others said on his behalf. Nigeria is a great country with hard working youths. Let’s reclaim African giant. Vote wisely!!!

    1. I wish him quick recovery to but not by force to rule.Hence no body wil stop him from contesting only the end will justify the mean.Nigeria vote will send signa to him 2023

  6. He keeps responding to the age and bodily limitations of is blind and desperate pursuit of is frail ambition to be president. He can not ride the bicycle to the presidency he should focus on how to ride the electorate. Quite obvious he is getting panicky and desperate.

  7. Who is interested about him riding bike or kite? Is it how he’s going to rule? On two major occasions – NBA Conference, and Signing of Peace Pact, he could not attend, and people are somewhere applauding him… Something is wrong with us.
    God is sending us another sign, and people seem blindfolded. Tinubu should remain there: whether riding bike or ambulance.

  8. You this omo ibo,why can’t you face your obi and leave the rest of the candidate for those who want them.For your information, some of us prefer Tinubu even if he gets there and die the following day.To us ,obi is not a messiah.The old and sick jagabzn is better than hundred of lacklustre obi without precedent.

    1. I taught dis weakness so. Called tinubu has a son.y not advise his so called fearther. PLS LET US ADHEANDS TOGETHER AND VOTE F OR OBI/DATI.

  9. Desperado, I sight you. Sick or healthy, dead or alive; the presidency is not for you. If you like come back with 100 bullion vans, it won’t change anything. Things have changed bro. Nigeria politics is no more business as usual, it is now “business unusual”. Not the more you look, the less you see politics anymore. Wise up grand pa

  10. No matter what he does, he can’t satisfy the heart blinded obidiots, he should just concentrate on his master plan towards Aso Rock

  11. No that the man is desperate to rule, he what it, and secondly he has worked for it.the quality of the leadership is with him,and charisma is there, what else do you need?many people survived.through his canopy, thousand of people are Cross the country.he is not sentmental, my brother vote for him is the survival of this nation INSHALLAH.

  12. All of you that are saiding one thing or the other, 2023 shall tell us how far OK, buhari is not tinubu OK, buhari is sand and in health ok, you people should be talking about now not the pass thing, president buhari pick his runing mate with out mistake and which is a pastor from rccg,president buhari contest election he is love by all Nigeria,and he also loves all Nigeria form his heart by picking pastor as his ruining mate

  13. Is this the packaging of the northern elites.
    Obasanjo did it in the time of Yaradua. He died and Jonathan became president.
    This is a plot to have Shetima as president if anything happens to TINUBU.

  14. We shall see during the election day. People don’t vote in socia medial don’t seat at home while u screw ur smart phones expecting ur candidate to win fellas.

  15. If you people like dont vote for him we already know our next president , inshaallah it’s jagaban , there are millions ready to vote for him

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