JUST IN: ‘Buhari has never attended any School’ – Buba Galadima Opens Up


PDP Presidential Spokesman, Buba Galadima has said that President Muhammadu Buhari has never attended any school and has no certificate.

Galadima, who was a guest on Channels TV, also claimed that the President was intimidating the Judiciary in order to get a favourable judgement in the ongoing Election Tribunal.

Galadima said; “There are two issues in that Tribunal that they(APC) could not Prove.”

“The President has never attended any school, he has never had any certificate and there was never accreditation in six states of the country and partial accreditation in three states, when you demolish that, the matter is in public pavilion.”

“Is this government following the rule of Law? NO! “.

He also accused the government of intimidating the Judiciary, saying; “This government is intimidating the judiciary.

“You have heard in the social and print media of certain friends of this government visiting judges, trying to mould their opinion on the cases before them.”


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  1. Buba galadima you are an oldman with no sence of reasoning.some body who ruled this nation as a head of state at the rank of army general for three years you nown saying with your stupidity that man has never attended school.can one with primary school be head of state as army general? Look we know you all .this are people spornsoring bokoharam

  2. He is a friend of buhari,so he knows him very well.Those days,you dont need a certificate to join the army.Buhari was not elected head of state,he overthrowed a democratic government.Ordinarily he shouldnt be our president but Nigeria is a stupid nation,especially,we from the south,we follow sheepisly.If it was a southerner,the north will never let him be.They all supported buhari then because they needed to take power from the south.They know he was not qualified. Our problem is this nation is that,we feel,we know but I tell you we dont know,else some one like buhari cant be our president.A man with so call integrity,will not overthrow an elected government .Shame on this nation filled with cowards.

  3. your reactions are weak to a fault. a northern can occupy any postion in this country with or without certificate. if don’t know this then you need to study nigeria more.

  4. But which school did the president ever attended to completion ? You want to prove Buba Galadima wrong ? Do so by Producing a certificate of any school he ever attended !

  5. Buba galadima you know very well that general muhammadu buhari as never attended any school and you support him to be nigerian president for more than three decade. Exactly you nothing but stupid and idiot old man nigeria politics.

    1. Every legitimate government should obey the Constitution and follow the rule of law. So let us leave sentiments if this country must move forward

  6. All powerful God come help us in this country ijn Amen ..a lot of things are going on but come help us God Amen

    1. those of you abusing Buba Galadima are big fools, prove to us the school he attended, and stop abusing him, if some of you have respect for your father’s you will not abuse somebody of buba Galadima’s age, no home training, no respect for Elders.

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