JUST IN: Buhari Seeks Senate’s Approval for $556M, £98M, N226B Judgment Debt Payments

President Muhammadu Buhari has called upon the Senate to grant approval for the payment of a substantial judgment debt.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the requested amount totals $566,754,584.31, £98,526,012.00, and N226 billion owed by the Federal Government.

President Buhari proposes the issuance of promissory notes as a means of settling this debt.

The formal request from President Buhari was presented during Wednesday’s plenary session, with Senate President Ahmad Lawan reading the letter to the Senate.

More details on this coming…

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  1. We pray all is well with Nigeria under PMB till last day of his governance.Borrowing!,borrowings!! until few days to his departure,to relief of all indigenouse ethnic tribal Nigerians.Enough is enough of this unacceptable disgrace unto blinded Nigerians,under demonic spells.Everyday for the thief,one day for the owners.

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