JUST IN: Foreign mercenaries invade SW Nigeria, free Fulani leader Wakili from Oyo Prison

Hired Fulani mercenaries have been fingered as being responsible for Friday night’s attack on Abolongo correctional facility, Oyo town in Oyo State, Southwest Nigeria.

Recall POLITICS NIGERIA reported earlier today that prisoners have escaped from the Abolongo facility in Oyo town after some gunmen attacked the correctional centre and freed many inmates.

The gunmen arrived in their numbers around 11pm and started shooting sporadically. They then released inmates who fled to their various destinations.

It is understood that there was a bit of panic around the prison vicinity, as residents thought it was a robbery attempt.

The Nigeria Correctional Services (NCS), Oyo state Command, on Saturday morning confirmed the attack on the prison, stating that it is assessing the situation.

Now, fresh information coming in says the attack was planned and carried out by invading bandits.

Iskilu Wakili

According to Sahara Reporters, the gunmen carried out the attack specifically to free Iskilu Wakili, a prominent Fulani man accused of being among those behind most kidnappings and mindless killings in Ibarapa axis of Oyo State. Wakili, who has sight problem, was arrested by the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) in March. He was immediately handed over to the Police, and has since been in custody.

Information has it that gunmen struck on Wednesday on Oyo-Ogbomosho Road. And these invaders who attacked Abolongo prison are believed to be same terrorists who struck three days ago on Oyo-Ogbomosho road.


  1. This is very ominous; probabkly reason the federal government refuses to declare banditd and othe criminal invaders of their ilk as terrorists as requested even by the stooges in the NASS; is it now farfetched to infer that the Fulani regime represented by the federal government may be into a plan to use the bandits the pool to recruit invaders of the South when the time is ripr. God save us

  2. Another pointer to Buhari’s agenda for Nigeria. Ignoring all the signs so far and burying our heads in the sand playing the ostrich will only spell doom for the rest of the country, particularly the southwest because the problem isn’t going anywhere. The response from the so called elders and leaders of the southwest so far is at best a perilous negligence if not suicidal.

  3. The bastards who are against Oduduwa Republic now should have a rethink that this government is just the continuation of Othman Dan fodio conquest agenda, finally,the terrorists are with us. I stand for ODUDUWA REPUBLIC.

  4. If i talk now they will say because am Igbo. We need to get sense and take collective action to stop this nonsense There is an idom which says ” to have peace you must be prepared for war”.

  5. How do we avoid war under these circumstances? Oh yeah peace mongers please tell us. Are they any indigenous people left in the Nigerian military?

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