JUST IN: Hamas rocket hits residential apartment in Israel’s capital [VIDEO]

A rocket fired by the terrorist group Hamas has hit a residential apartment in Israel’s capital, Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv police chief Peretz Omer says two people were injured in the rocket strike on the apartment, adding that one person was moderately hurt and another lightly injured.

He, however, noted that police have not yet been able to enter the structure to make sure nobody else is trapped.

According to him, the rocket damaged both a top-floor apartment and an apartment below.

The police chief also asked the large crowds that showed up at the site to have a look-see, not do so, and instead stay away and watch on television.

Mayor Ron Huldai, showing up at the scene, also tells other rubberneckers to stay away.

He added that schools in the city will only open in places with shelters, with rocket sirens a regular occurrence.

Watch the video below:

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