JUST IN: How Northerners are using NIN to pursue Fulanization Agenda – Mailafia opens up


Former CBN Deputy Governor, Obadiah Mailafia has claimed that some Northerners are using the National Identification Number, NIN to pursue a ‘Fulanization/Islamization’ agenda.

In a recent interview with Tribune, he revealed that some northerners were bringing in millions of foreigners into the country and issuing them passports and voters cards.

In his words; “So, for Nigeria, I do not believe in our eternal indissolubility. From the way things are going, some people are hell-bent on destroying the country. They are pushing forward their evil agenda of Fulanisation and Islamisation.”

“They do not give a damn what anybody thinks. They believe they are in power and this is perhaps the last opportunity they have to reshape the country in their own image. Through Pantami’s devious NIN palaver, they are allegedly importing millions of aliens and issuing them with passports, national identity cards and voter cards.”

“They are fighting a demographic Jihad to ensure that the North is the demographic majority by subterfuge. And then they will have a free license to call the shots in perpetuity. They have allowed hundreds of thousands of killers to invade our country. They are everywhere now”, he said.

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