JUST IN: “I have taken enough from you!” – Peter Obi angrily confronts Dino Melaye [WATCH]

The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party and Former governor of Anambra State, Peter Gregory Obi, angrily confronted a spokesman of the Atiku/Okowa Presidential Campaign and former Kogi West Senator, Dino Melaye during a Townhall meeting on Arise Television on Sunday night.

Obi, who was fielding questions from the audience including Melaye, lost his cool after the former senator described his supporters as ‘noisemakers’ and continued to interrupt his speech with snide remarks and gestures.

“I won’t take this. That colonel is an ANPP person and you’re saying its Obi People. Dino, please stop that!”

“I have taken enough from you here. Why are you always calling me?”, a visibly annoyed obi said.

POLITICS NIGERIA recalls that on earlier on Sunday, Melaye warned Nigerians against voting Obi stating that he would not win the 2023 General Elections and that the ‘Euphoria’ surrounding his candidacy was gradually ‘dying’.

Watch a video of the clash below;

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  1. Good reaction from OBI, stop calling him,he meant well for this country, instead of you guys to support him and save nigeria and you er busy insulting him..

    1. OBI should please, abstain from these interviews and face his general campaign.He has granted enough, moreso when the organizers will allow someone to personally insult a Presidential candidate. Dino has insulted the igbos enough.

    2. Mr Melaye’s job was to get under Obi’s skin as a political hatchetman! People like Dino has no addition factor to Nigeria project! He is just like FFK and Keyamo! They are simply roaming around to get political relevance!

    3. These 2party’s The PDP and LP have exhausted their manifesto which have resulted to personalised insultst, there both conservatives and liberals it’s only the APC candidate thats a capitalist.

    4. Don’t mind the foul mouthed dino. If Nigeria was a sane country people like dino would be rotting in jail. Imagine him still talking so loud and misbehaving everywhere, such an annoying man

  2. Dino don’t worry EFCC will come after you,have you forgotten how you embezzled kogi West as senator, you will faint again

  3. Dino dont arouse the wraths of the youths do your campaign with dignity stop creating enmity everywhere thereby shutting your political futures doors.

  4. If not for God one of these absentee presidential hopefuls wl stl win They know they hav nothing to offer . Otherwise why would a good product be refused such a golden opportunity to hav it advertised. But now a real change has come .Enough of these old men recycling themselves

  5. That’s good. Good reaction. I thought you are too simple. Now I know you can be tough if necessary. I know Dino is just funny. Belief me OBI,DINO Likes you very well. He is my Aburo from Kogi. Dino ! Stop the Jokes and please find a way to apologise to Peter (the rock ). You are a Christian and you understand me. PETER IS MY CANDIDATE ÀNY TIME!

  6. Dino is a mere political jobber. He wiol always act scripts of his paymasters. Is not a gross injustice for anybody to be campavNigerians beware!

    1. Dino isn’t a politician but a moneymaker. He supports from where he is being paid and cares nothing about the masses. That was the reason he lost his senatorial position in his state. Obi should not mind him, Nigerians know him to be empty barrel with always noise.

    2. Don’t mind the foul mouthed dino. If Nigeria was a sane country people like dino would be rotting in jail. Imagine him still talking so loud and misbehaving everywhere, such an annoying man

  7. Dino or Dinosaur. The man full of theatrics.
    Obi should have let his silence speak much more louder for him. To aspire to be a president of a nation, you must be prepared to be heckled.

    1. Guy awfa, even the holy bible has a record of where the Lord Jesus Christ got angry. We are humans bro, so give the man a break.

    2. Peter Obi should come to save Nigeria. I love him. He is a great man. I shall vote for him by God’s grace come 2023.

  8. Dino wanted to annoy him and he gave him a cheap victory,I think Dino really wanted the other side of Obi known,and I am glad he got it I was beginning to have a second thought on the candidacy of Obi because of his too much calmness in the face of criticism though the calmness is good but Nigeria need an aggressive leader who will confront issues both in and out of the country…….weldon Mr. President *incoming *

    1. Dino takes Obi’s maturity and calmness for granted. I only blame the moderator for giving Dino the undue advantage to be fooling himself, anyway.

    2. Dino is not and will never be a match with Obi. We are no longer fools and have decided to take up Nigeria from those criminals

  9. This is a mere Reprimand to Dino, from Obi, Dino having a high nuisance value. There is nothing wrong with this. He simply called him to order! And there is nothing temperamental about this.

  10. Obi is actually the man for this country at the moment. A good person also get angry too. Dinno Malaye has been picking on Obi all this while.

  11. Melaye didn’t reacts well, it’s good for Obi to have reply him, Obi for president 2023, let’s look forward for better Nigeria.

  12. Between Dino and Fani I don’t know who is a better bootlicker. They just say anything at anytime like little boys to put their principal on top regardless of what they had said in the past. They have no shame, no feelings and no conscience all for the hope of landing a job at the expense of the Nigeria state.

    1. Dino has not evolved beyond the first stage of human evolution Australlopitecus. Unfortunately, the Nigeria environment occasioned by illegitimate administration accommodate better that level of humans devoid of civility & decorum like Dino who has not fully evolved. It’s unfortunate that he was an honorable member of the house. I’m ashamed of this brood of huma

    2. Yes, Dino and Femi Fani- Kayode are the same. No shame, no feeling, no conscience, no character, bcos of the largesse from Atiku and Tinubu.

  13. God bless Obedient families.
    Dino na small boy looking for attention.
    Dino is putting Obi to test without knowing what Obi is capable of.
    We are Obedient

  14. FFK and Dino are always visible when there’s much to eat and take homes, not surprised on high level of madness, primitives displays, calling whites black for selfish reasons. So far so good, Obi is the Light among the darkness that Mr Dino represents.

  15. Mean well by jumping from one party to another out of desperation. Why did he not transform Anambra state to Dubai after eight years? Industrial court ordered Obianor to pay 42 months salary arrears of state water corporation workers amounting to N1.5 bn obi left behind.

  16. Our people have a say that “even goat bit when it takes too much of you” Peter Obi reacted well.
    Dino Melaye is an actor that looks for script always but is unfortunate to him this time around
    because his fans are tired of him.

    Dino you can’t do it better than Adams Oshomole whose’ position is in the dustbin of history as
    far as Nigeria politics is concerned. They will use and dump you whether you like it or not .Atiku
    will renew your car garage (your most priority ) and increase your financial strengths to flex.
    Obi is the only solution to Nigeria there no argument.

  17. Whoever is moderating any presidential debate should always call Dino Melaye Fani Kayode and Festus Keyamo and their likes to order otherwise the highly regarded presidential debate will be like what garage boys are doing and will loose its esteem

  18. Dino Melaye is an agbero, that’s why the good people of kogi west senatorial constituency rejected him, they know that he didn’t go to the Senate to represent them instead he went there to acquire wealth and abandoned his people they show him the way out, he has since turned a bootlicker and errand boy.

  19. Why everyone is happening with Obi?, During his time he couldn’t be able to conduct local government election and we are saying he is the preferable. For me he is not.

  20. Dis Dino sef, wetin be ur own? We know that it’s what ur paymasters want to achieve they are using you to achieve but why don’t you apply some maturity & wisdom (you don’t have to interject, accuse or blame ‘blindly’ for the fun—be Mr capable) in what you do for a living! Having the guts to join the presidential race to me, is something by virtue of ur vast experiences in the Senate & the “Not Too Young To Rule” law would have gingered & redirected ur decision (full chest) to be part of instead of being enrolled in an “association of boot lickers” or member of “crumbs choice group”.

  21. Dino is not a responsible politician. He never defended the poor masses.He is in support of the old order of votebuying,money sharing/looting.

  22. Peter Obi should be calm especially to political errand boys like FFk and Dino Melaye who said one thing in the morning and change it to another thing in the afternoon when they are given Ghana must go and job by their masters.

  23. Cheer up Peter obi. By the grace of God you will be victorious at the pole comes 2023. Nigerian youths is time for us to decide. There is nothing pdp and apc can offer us. Let’s join hands together and choose our leader.

  24. Ii don’t think any reasonable Nigerian will take dino or dinosor seriously .., we all know him ,, I don’t blame him. Opportunist dat spend most of his time and money on Instagram and showing off.. wat do you expect . ,

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