JUST IN: “Igboho has burnt down a Fulani Community in Ogun” – Miyetti Allah [PHOTOS]


The Miyyeti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, Ogun State Branch, has alleged that popular activist, Sunday Adeyemo alias Sunday Igboho, razed down another Fulani Community in Igua area of Yewa North in the state.

State chairman of MACBAN, Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim Dende, told newsmen that the house of the Sarkin Fulani of Igua, Alhaji Adamu Oloru, was burnt down by youths led by Mr. Igboho.

“They burnt the houses and that of Sarkin Fulani, Alhaji Adamu Oloru, located at Igua this [Monday] evening. They also set cattle market ablaze.”

“We have been contacting the security agents, including the DSS, as we are aware that he is coming.”

“We listened to the information on radio, we learnt that he was welcomed by the state government.We are helpless as we don’t have anybody to protect us. Many of our people are now scattered in the bush,” he said.

It was gathered that a Fulani Herdsman identified as Jiji Danmawale was killed in the inferno. Meanwhile, Mr. Igboho visited Ogun state on Monday evening disclosing that he was invited by the state government.

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  1. As Buhari inactions Fulani Herdsmen carnaige accross the country for years now resisted by southern Nigerians may be the begining of the end of Nigeria co exiistence. Yes some Politicians and useless Monarch may be indifferenced of what the Fulanis herdsmen havoc commiting under the Buhari directives .as if all is well in Nigeria. The simple answer is that everything Fulani herdsmen doing to farmlands,rape women and indiscriminate killing, kidnapping maiming inocent Nigerians on the road,farm, etc Nigerians shows Buhari is tribal begot, Religion demagogues and if not quickly stop the fulani crazy Nigeria is doomed Buhari had failed woefully when it comes to lack of security in the country. The death of Tunde Idiagbon has revealed Buhari gross inefficiency because tunde Idiagbon in blessed memory would not have allowed Buhari free fall to nigeria insecurity if alived today.Buhari can still turns the tides to quickly put an end to Fulani herdsmen normadics andallow investors to build grazing ranch without government involvement. . Buhari lopsided federal appointment an indicative he will never be a good leader. Buhari insensitives to massive Fulani herdsmen atrocities inspeakable.Buhari should be held responsible to herdsmen every carnaige in the country

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