JUST IN: Jandor, Gbadebo Rhodes in alliance talks

Encouraged by the outcome of last Saturday’s presidential election in Lagos State where the Labour Party defeated the All Progressives Congress (APC), there is an ongoing move to form an alliance with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

POLITICS NIGERIA learned that ahead of the March 11 gubernatorial election, the meeting is being spearheaded by some elders of the two parties.

Multiple sources said there is a hurdle to be crossed as the discussion continues. The hurdle has to do with who steps down between the two candidates- Abdul-Azeez Adediran popularly known as Jandor of the PDP and Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour of the Labour Party.

The Labour Party is reportedly banking on the success it recorded in last Saturday’s election.

This newspaper reports that already, there is an existing personality clash between Jandor and Rhodes-Vivour. The Labour Party candidate was until June 2022, a PDP member.

Prior to Jandor’s emergence as the PDP candidate, Rhodes-Vivour had stepped down for him with the hope of emerging as his running mate. But Jandor opted for popular Nollywood actress, Ms Funke Akindele, which reportedly irked Rhodes-Vivour who subsequently jumped ship to Labour Party to claim the governorship ticket.

Meanwhile, Rhodes-Vivour has confirmed talks with the leadership of the PDP in the state.

The Labour Party candidate told his supporters in Lekki area of Lagos that discussing with the PDP became necessary to forge a common front against the APC in the governorship poll slated for March 11.

“We are talking to the owner of the structure of PDP. In the coming days, we will align with them to ensure that we take Lagos to the next level,” Guardian, on Friday, quotes Rhodes-Vivour as saying.

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  1. GRV…. You only need people who can propagate you well, you have what it takes to win the Election in lagos. Considering the last presidential election the momentum is high. Don’t back down….

  2. With all the political shenanigans and magomago the APC exhibited in the last Presidential election, Labour Party single handedly won convincingly.

    I opine that Labour Party goes solo in the Gubernatorial race.

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