JUST IN: “Jubril Can’t Come here” – Nnamdi Kanu mocks Nigeria at EU parliament [PHOTOS]


Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu mocked Nigeria by describing it as a ‘Zoo’ shortly after his speech at the European Parliament.

Kanu, in the footage, made available to POLITICS NIGERIA, said that all the plans by the ‘zoo’ to stop his meeting at the EU have failed. In his words;

“In a place where the Zoo cannot come to, today we have come to that very place. And the same way we have gone into this very parliament to preach Biafra, So shall we go to Washington to preach Biafra.”

“I can assure you that after this very place, the next place is the United Nations.”

“There is nothing our enemies can do to us. They called us terrorists but today we are outside in the Open. ‘Jubril’ cannot come here, Miyetti Allah cannot come here, but IPOB is here.

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    1. Yes Drug addiction have once again address a whole European Parliament so go and commit suicide because una weh be Nigerians remains unsalvageable,Nigerians are the most wicked individuals in the whole world they envy they have against Igbo’s will keep them blind forever

      1. Mike so you believe that clown addressed the EU? et me ask you,where is the paliament sitting?Men of your calibre should be wise enough.

    2. But the EU parliament has given him audience!!! The other day Germany allowed IPOB thugs to assault our former Deputy Senate president without and consequences to the attackers. Nigeria is becoming a pariah where its citizen are treated like animals and yet this luckless administration fails to see we are failing as a nation

  1. God is too kind to Biafran’s
    All hail to Nnamdi Kanu
    And God’s protection upon him. And the entire Ipob members… Amen

  2. The judas among the Igbo people are too many, they are too selfish and wicked and that is delaying the actualization of Biafran State.

    1. Am glad you know there are Judas among Igbos. For your very information, Nnamdi Kanu is one dem.
      All your big men & women are governor, senator, Nass rep members, state Ass members, LG chair man, councillors all Nigeria spending your share of Nigeria money, then you allow someone from exile, who kept his wife and children in UK, who have dual citizenship to be deceiving you. He ran away from Nigeria, while he’s using his british citizen passport to go around, unless you too have dual citizenship?
      If Nigeria government blacklist you, how do you think you can travel around the world? Ask Nnamdi Kanu which work is he doing to get money care for his family and go round the world. Una dey donate money for am, nobi so? Mumu people still plenty.

  3. That is Jubril that cannot come there, just the way you can’t come to Nigeria, God own country, simple.
    If you are a man come to Nigeria. The wicked shall not have peace, The wicked runs when no one pursue him, so says the holy book.

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