JUST IN: Kanu’s Supporters and Anti-IPOB protesters Clash during Trial [PICS/VIDEO]


Supporters of IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu clashed with Anti-IPOB Protesters in the premises of the Federal High Court in Abuja on Wednesday.

Kanu appeared in court to continue his trial. He is being tried on charges of treasonable felony and terrorism.

POLITICS NIGERIA gathered that his supporters were heard chanting “Nnamdi Kanu is a saviour” to the anti-IPOB protesters, who in turn chanted back to them to ‘love your country’.

Kanu, who was brought into the courtroom around 9.52am, had shortly after his case was called up, lamented the refusal of security agents to allow some members of his legal team, especially his lawyer from the United States, Bruce Fein, to enter the courtroom.

He said, “I have an ongoing case in the US. I have not been allowed to see him. He is here to see me and to observe the proceedings.

“He has been to the DSS to see me, but they denied him access to me.”

When asked by the Judge, if he was ready to conduct the proceedings himself, in the absence of his lawyers, Kanu said no. The trial was adjourned to January 20th, 2022.

Video Credits: Roots TV


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  1. Journalism in Nigeria is a hoarse. Politicsnigeria cannot muster courage to say things as it is. If not for live video coverage of the court sitting, Politicsnigeria would have misled millions of Nigerians with their reportage. Reasons why we have journalists is to educate, enlighten and report truth to the public. Everywhere was calm until a crowd carrying Nigerian flags, coffins with inscriptions such as “IPOB are terrorists”, “IPOB murdered Gulak” etc with its trumpets and band emerged in the scene singing and dancing which forced KANU’s supporters to immediately start chanting “Nnamdi KANU is another Saviour” which almost swallowed the voices of the intruders. The question Politicsnigeria should have asked should have been, “Who brought those Northern Youths to that court environment and for what purpose? The appearance of those youths will surely send a wrong signal to the international community on the ongoing Nnamdi Kanu’s case if they’ll ever understand this. The government owns the court and the prosecutor of the case so, why bringing the youths to come and turn the place like a carnival of some sort?

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