JUST IN: Kwara Government bans preaching in public schools

The Kwara state government on Monday ordered religious groups to discontinue any form of preaching in public schools.

The directive, which is effective immediately, is contained in a statement signed by Hajia Fatimoh Bisola Ahmed, the Commissioner for Education and Human Capital Development.

She directed that prayers should be said silently on the morning assembly across public schools in the state.

The statement reads: “It has come to the notice of the Kwara State Government that some religious organisations have been going to public schools in the state to preach during the morning Assembly.

“The Ministry wants to say it categorically that no religious organisation is permitted to go to public schools for preaching or engage in any religious activities during morning Assembly.

“The Ministry therefore directs that prayers should be said silently on the morning Assembly across public schools in the state.

“The government appeals to all school heads and other stakeholders to adhere strictly to this directive, which is to maintain peace and decorum in our schools.

“All Principals, Headteachers and Education Secretaries should take please note.”

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  1. To force public schools into a pattern of silent prayer and no preaching during school hours is just an indirect way of attacking the impact f devotional pray and sermon to the pupils or students. What can we say is really wrong with students praying openly to their God for help and other needs? If we are in a country that have a national Pledge with an heartfelt cry “So help me God” which of course we can’t say the drafters didn’t mean it, or that they never understood the severity of such need. Then what can we say is ill about praying or preaching during school devotional hours? Are there not better policies to implement to better the lives of the students? The truth is that we have the sorts of governments that forsakes the basic things to be done for the betterment of citizens and go on spending their time with things that are not even a problem. To stop prayer is to avert the many blessing student would garner through that exercise and trying to stop preaching is weak attempt to mute the gospel and really that is a fight they can never be win.

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