JUST IN: Labour party reveals region Peter Obi will pick running mate from


The Labour Party (LP), has revealed that its presidential candidate, Peter Obi will pick his running mate based on Federal Character Principle.

Chairman of the Labour Party, Barr. Julius Abure, said this in Abuja, on Monday, while speaking in commemoration of Democracy Day.

He said that for fairness, equity and inclusion, the party would make sure the principles of Federal Character are applied in its choice of a Vice Presidential candidate.

Abure who said the decision lies with the Presidential candidate, Peter Obi to make, maintained that the party which belongs to Nigerian workers, would not compromise on the diversity of the Nigerian workforce and membership of the Labour Party.

“While I want to say that it may be too premature for me to speak, and the constitution also gives the Presidential candidate the right to nominate his Vice Presidential Candidate, I feel it would be more proper for the presidential candidate to answer.

“However, I want to assure you that as a party that is reasonable; as a party that believes in equity and justice; as a party that believes in social justice and equal opportunity for all, a vice-presidential candidate that is widely accepted, with powerful credentials, is most likely going to come from the Northern region, there is no doubt about that.”

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  1. Too vague. There is nothing Northern Region. It’s just like saying Western Region or Eastern. NorthWest, Fulanis/Hausas+; NorthEast, Kanuris+ and North Central,all minorities with major tribe. All these people are not the same and politically all have their interests. Most young people in the North Central don’t want to be called “Northerner”.

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