JUST IN: Nnamdi Kanu completes First Phase of UN Meeting


Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has reportedly completed the first phase of his meeting with Officials of the United Nations.

According to a video posted by a member of IPOB, Gen Bold, Kanu can be seen on the premises of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland conversing with some individuals.

He is also seen in the video confirming that he had concluded a series of meetings for the day(Tuesday) adding that meetings would continue today.

POLITICS NIGERIA has the footage. Watch below;


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  1. WOW, Yes, this is the best step so far NNAMDI KANU has taken so far in the struggle. So, I think it is time for the whole world to call him and ask him what exactly He wants.

  2. the news said that the video was posted by an ipob member. does it means that no foreign media was allowed to report the matter? or does it means that nnamdi kanu is equally making caricature of Biafra. because BBC, CNN cctv etc must have reported the news even the UN must have say something concerning the visit of kanu or Biafra

  3. it will be a surprise to zoo Nigerians how things were moving right away in UN held in Geneva am sure Biafra is going and Jesus is lord…well done and long live to our great leader mazi nnamdi kanu God is with u..

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