JUST IN: NNPC mega station in Adamawa state ravaged by fire

A foremost fuel station in Adamawa state, situated in the capital city of Yola, has been damaged by fire.

The NNPC Mega station on the famous Bank Road rose in flames in the early hours of Thursday, March 28.

Upon arriving at the scene, reporters from The Nation observed the blaze’s aftermath, which had engulfed the petrol tanker and spread to the roof covering the station’s pump area.

Eyewitnesses recounted that the fire originated from the tanker before rapidly spreading to the adjacent structures.

Despite inquiries made during the visit, individuals associated with the station remained silent about providing further details regarding the incident, leaving the cause of the fire shrouded in mystery.

Meanwhile, there are concerns about fuel scarcity in Yola, as the damaged NNPC Mega Station is a primary destination for most motorists in the city.

Known for consistently providing fuel even when other stations in Yola do not, the station is also trusted for its reliable products, which are sold accurately and without the usual sharp practices often encountered elsewhere.

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