JUST IN: Presidency reveals sponsors of bandits in Katsina


The Presidency has said that some monarchs in Katsina state are sponsoring bandits to attack residents of the Northern state

In an interview on Channels Television on Monday, Presidential Spokesman, Garba Shehu, noted that some traditional rulers have been collaborating with the bandits to unleash violent attacks in the state.

Shehu said the President alone cannot solve the issue of banditry in the country, adding that every citizen has a duty to the nation to provide information to security agencies.

He said, “It is not that we are making direct accusations on anyone but it is also true that even in the President’s native state of Katsina, some traditional rulers have been found complicit in collaboration with the bandits to harm their own people.

“In neighbouring Zamfara, emirs and district heads, quite a number of them have been swept out of office. The thing is there are beneficiaries of whatever rotten system you have.

“Some people see President Buhari and think he has all the solutions. No. All of us as citizens have a duty to the nation to provide information to our armed forces.”

Shehu said during the height of violent conflicts in Zamfara State, the Nigerian Air Force stationed aircraft in Katsina airport from where they could launch attacks against bandits in Zamfara.

He said once the aircraft takes off, unscrupulous elements in Katsina would quickly inform the bandits in Zamfara State that an attack was imminent, giving them ample time to take cover.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that bandits have been attacking Katsina State for some weeks now which has now led to a series of protests from residents.

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  1. What are the instruments of power doing in his hand that he wants to shift the burden of security to citizens citizens? He has the powers to coerse these people he identifies as cause. He has to cast the first stone then the citizens can follow.
    This excuse is bullshit

    1. To me he is making sense we don’t have expect Mr presidence come up where we are and do all these assignment, but is we that will see and report to the authority concern

      And is true that our emirs and district heads are conniving with these mad bandits to vandalize though government has to all the necessary actions against any one.

  2. Pmb have everything to restock peace in Nigeria, stop blam traditional rulers pmb and governor’s are the ones to blam for not do their work, all I know the date of judgment is coming

  3. Since you have known those who behind the killing of innocent ones and destruction of properties in the North. Then the authority should hold them responsible and let them surfer the damage caused.

  4. Good or patriotic citizens must revealed information to securities for actions. Government alone couldn’t solve security problems. every individual has role play in his country we should not politicizes security.

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