JUST IN: Pro-Tinubu group stages counter-protest against NLC in Abuja

A pro-Tinubu group has embarked on a counter-protest against the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) in Abuja.

The NLC had organized a demonstration to protest against economic hardship, but a group supportive of President Bola Tinubu has taken to the streets to express solidarity with his policies.

Led by Convener Kabiru Matazu, the pro-Tinubu group started their counter-protest from Unity Fountain, marching towards the National Assembly.

The group emphasized its support for President Bola Tinubu’s policies and urged the NLC to engage in constructive dialogue with the government rather than resorting to disruptive protests.

Matazu said: “As you can see, we are peaceful protesters. We have no reason whatsoever to attack anybody. We only implore them to exploit the part of dialogue, coming out on the street is not the best way.

“We are peace-loving people. We have no reason whatsoever to go into confrontation with anybody for any reason. And as journalists, you will see for yourself.”

Matazu added that although the group respects the rights of NLC to legitimately and freely exercise and express themselves, it disagrees with their method.

He said while the reasons NLC was protesting, including implementation of a new minimum wage, escalating hardship, insecurity, rising poverty, hyperinflation, and soaring prices of essential commodities, are undeniably genuine and demand the attention of every citizen and stakeholder, protests are not and would never be a viable solution.

Matazu noted that Tinubu’s administration has demonstrated a dedicated commitment to addressing these challenges with the urgency they deserve.

He urged the NLC to engage in a constructive dialogue with the government instead of grounding economic activities, exacerbating the issues and making life hard for commoners.

“We are pleading with the NLC to give the government the chance for these policies to succeed. They should not allow themselves to be used by opposition elements who never mean well for this government.

“That’s why we are here to express our solidarity with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s policies and programs. We are 100% behind him,” he said.

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