JUST IN: Soludo reacts to alleged $28 million bribe to attack/blackmail Peter Obi

The Governor of Anambra State, Charles Soludo has denied reports that he collected a $28 million bribe to attack and blackmail his predecessor and current Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi.

While speaking with newsmen in Awka after the Thanksgiving mass for Most Rev. Paulinus C. Ezeokafor in celebration of his 70th birthday at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Soludo stated that the report is not true.

“If I had truly received $28 million to blackmail my brother, Peter Obi, I should be extremely wealthy as of today.”

“For those forging blackmail and all that, including the one they said I collected bribe to say what I said, I asked them to bring it so I will use it to construct roads for Anambra people. If Soludo is into bribery, I would have been a multi-trillionaire now.”

“Today is very special. When we came into the service, it was the first time, Obi and I are meeting at a public event and in a Catholic Church which the two of us belong to. I think it was divine. When I came in, I quickly went to where he sat and hugged him, people watched with bewilderment as if it was a drama, asking if it was not the same people quarrelling,” he added.

He added that Politics has not affected his relationship with Obi, who he described as his brother.

“There is no rift between Obi and me at a personal level. Nobody snatched each other’s wife. What appears to be the rift between us is fundamental political differences. Nothing else.”

“On the fundamental differences we have, we are going to meet in the next few weeks. We’ve agreed to discuss and iron out our differences,” he added.

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  1. To God be thy Glory, all I know the will of God shall be done come 2023 presidential election, it does not matter the high level conspiracy and backbiting going on now in Nigeria,that will not stop the great intervention of God in the affairs of this country come 2023, any thing can happen . Betrayal is a major problem in Igbo land, I may not rule out bribery in the case of our brave humble able leader, daa Peter Obi and prof. Let’s mind our tongue, becsuse life and death are in the power of the tongue, Prov .18:21.

    1. Be careful with that snake of anabara states governor soludo,, masters Peter obidient, that it can’t ur brother again. Hi is the enemy of ur living life in this world,,, don’t give snake ur lickege wisdom

  2. Salutation is not love, laughter is in the teeth while grudges in the heart. Hugging or not that doesn’t show love. It’s only God that knows the hearts of men. It’s excellent to have the strength of a lion but it’s tyrannous to use it as a lion. Obediently we’ll go.

  3. The last sentence “We’ve agreed to discuss and iron out our differences” I totally disagree with that.
    Gov. Soludo started it alone, he should promise that he has agreed to iron his difference.
    I believe that something went down, it’s not just political difference.

  4. Let’s keep our fingers crossed as we wait for his anticipated ” FEW WEEKS ” meeting with Obi . .
    However. , Soludo should be reminded that his previous outing against Peter Obi , was & is like a spilled milk , which is usually hard , if not I possible , to scoop back .

  5. One thing for sure, no any amount of distractions can stop our candidate Mr Peter Obi winning come 2023 election. We in the North Central Nigeria are strongly with Peter Obi.

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