JUST IN: Sowore Protesters Clash with Buhari Supporters in Abuja [PHOTOS]


A group of protesters seeking the releases of Sahara Reporters Publisher and Former AAC Presidential Candidate, Omoyele Sowore had a brief clash with Pro-Buhari/FG supporters in Abuja earlier today.

The clash occurred as a leader of the Pro-Buhari group attempted to forcefully stop one of the protesters, Dickson Iroegbu from speaking to the Press.

Watch footage from the scene below;

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  1. Those who are protesting for the release of Sowore are not patriotic enough to see the selfishness in Sowore’s rebellious call for Revolution. A President has just been sworn in some couple of months ago. Sowore contested as Presidential Candidate, but lost woefully. He is now planning to overthrow the President, that is democratically elected by the people. Sowore is qualified to be taken to a competent court for his action, if found guilty, the penalty the law stipulates for such act is clear. Anyone who is supporting Sowore, should go and check the dictionary for the proper meaning of Revolution. God bless Nigeria. Amen and Amen !!!

    1. Wht abt tinubu and others who made such proclamations against gudluck jonathans govt? Which action was taken against them. No freedom of speach or expression this time? Militery democracy

    2. Mr blockhead, Ruga lielie buharig was there for 4 wasted yrs and Nut just sworn in. Restructure Or bldy breakUp when the time is ripe is your only 4kin answer.

  2. Lets call a spade. How old is this new tenure. Its like nigerian want to disorganise the country. We should know that the president is human. Sorrounding the government with war is just a way of saying that we dont want the country to move forward. Nigerians should stop attacking the president so that he can concentrate

  3. Tinubu’s call was in a tone inclined to a change thru election.It wasn’t at a crucial moment like this.In addition,they didn’t draw a battle line with the govt,protesting in a provocative manner like this.The truth is Sowore,being one of the defeated aspirants and mediaman,is being used to ignite commotion.

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