JUST IN: ‘The Problem of Nigeria is the South’ – Femi Fani-Kayode, Gives Reasons


Former minister for Aviation, Chief Femi Fani Kayode has stated that the problem of Nigeria is not the North but the Southern Part.

In a statement on Tuesday morning via his twitter timeline, Fani-Kayode explained that South was ‘Weak, divided and Cowardly leaders’. He tweeted;

“The problem of Nigeria is not the north: it is the south. The north has strong, united and courageous leaders who put the northern interest before the Nigerian interest.”

“The south has weak, divided and cowardly leaders who put the Nigerian interest before the southern interest.”


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  1. true talk a house divided against itself cannot stand.but we need to deemphasize region and ethnic agenda but every Nigeria should pursue national interest always for Nigeria to come out of doltrum. too long regional and ethnic prejudices are bane preventing our growth.

  2. Fuck that,u support yo brother bcoz u also a drug dealer.come to south n see what yo brother r doing here.stay there in nageria y? r u crying to be welcomed to south country.fight wth bokoharm n leave us.

  3. I love Fani Kayode.
    How I wish 95 percent of Southern Politicians are like him. We will not be in this mess.
    Even the economic planning team has been taken over by Northerners. Southern Politicians are EXTREMELY FOOLISH, SELFISH and/or outrightly STUPID.
    They will soon remove Fowler in FIRS. SOUTHERN POLITICIANS ARE DOOMED.

  4. God bless you Sir! you r rightly on point. I have always said and will still maintain my words I capital letters that the DNA OF THE SOUTH IS GREED.

  5. Individualism destroyed us, avarice and greed for self-worth made it hard for leaders in southern nigeria to form a common front.
    FFK, is a revolutionary thinker, a smart badass who looks far ahead. Kudos!

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