JUST IN: Tinubu agrees to Akeredolu’s Removal, Declaration of Deputy as Ondo Acting Governor

President Tinubu, along with other All Progressives Congress (APC) leaders, has agreed to invoke the doctrine of necessity to appoint embattled Deputy Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa as acting governor, effectively resolving the five-month-long crisis in the state.

According to Guardian, the decision was reached during a closed-door meeting held at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Friday. The meeting had President Tinubu together with members of Akeredolu’s cabinet and lawmakers from the Ondo State House of Assembly.

Governor Akeredolu, who returned from Germany in September after a prolonged medical leave, has remained absent from the state, opting to recuperate in his Ibadan residence. His extended absence has fueled political tension and uncertainty, prompting the need for a decisive resolution.

With the doctrine of necessity invoked, the Ondo State House of Assembly is expected to reconvene on Monday to formalise Aiyedatiwa’s appointment as acting governor, granting him full executive powers to steer the state forward.

The doctrine of necessity, a legal principle that allows for extraordinary measures to maintain order and uphold constitutional principles, has been previously employed in Nigeria’s political landscape. In 2010, it was invoked to resolve a similar crisis arising from the prolonged absence of then-President Umar Yar’Adua, paving the way for Goodluck Jonathan to assume the role of acting president.

President Tinubu’s intervention was driven by concerns over the escalating political tension in Ondo State, exacerbated by Akeredolu’s absence and the power struggles between cabinet members and lawmakers.

The meeting at the Presidential Villa brought together key figures, including national chairman of the APC Abdullahi Ganduje, Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa, Ondo State Secretary to the Government Oladuni Odu, former APC national chairman Bisi Akande, Finance Commissioner Wale Akinrinwa, House Speaker Olamide Oladiji, APC state chairman Ade Adetimehin, and members of the National Assembly from Ondo State.

Notably, the governor’s wife, Betty Akeredolu, and son, Babajide, were reportedly denied entry to the meeting room during the critical decision-making process.

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  1. Thanks for Mr President’s intervention in the political logjam in Ondo state. The doctrine of necessity is the right direction to take in the circumstance.

  2. This is timely and sensible. Ondo State shouldn’t be played around the finger by anyone no matter his/her status. It’s no biggie’s property.

  3. Tinubu did the rightful things. Governor still very sick not active, he can’t hold the whole state down. Ondo has to move forward. Governor can take more time to take care of himself.

  4. Nigerians and power mongering! What has Akeredelu’s wife and son doing there ? What a horrible country. No wonder nothing works here. With an already completely dead economy, institutions and most corrupt leadership, Nigeria seems to be the most unfortunate country in the world. I chooses to use the word country because we are far from been a nation.

  5. The Excellency’s decision was correct …..I wish Mr. Akeredolu has voluntarily resigned than been forced out ….I would think his health is more important to him and his family than holding on to power …..sometimes we forget to do the needy and Always remember “ Domini Opera Pro Bono Publico “ ….The work of God is for the gooooood of the Public “
    I wish him good health to enjoy his sacrifices .
    Timothy Omotayo Adesanya M.D.

  6. Tinubu shouldn’t have that meeting. It’s because we pretend that we’re in a democracy when in reality, we’re running a quasi monarchial/democracy system aka Baba sope that why this farce of meeting is held. Disgraceful

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