JUST IN: Tinubu speaks on ‘London meeting’ with CJN Ariwoola

President-elect, Bola Tinubu has denied holding any secret meeting with the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Olukayode Ariwoola in London, United Kingdom (UK) in order to curry the favour of the judiciary as his opponents battle to nullify his mandate.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that in a statement on Thursday night signed by the Director, Media and Publicity of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), Bayo Onanuga, Tinubu said he is currently in France and could not have also been in London holding the said meeting.

The statement partly reads; “Our attention has been drawn to the grossly fake, misleading and malicious story about the Chief Justice of Nigeria Olukayode Ariwoola disguising to meet President-elect Bola Tinubu in London.

“The story was a pure concoction from the hallucinating minds of hatchet men bent on creating doubts and public distrust about the legitimacy of our recent election, which was won by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“We refute emphatically that there has been no clandestine meeting between the President-elect and the respected Chief Justice of our country, any where. It’s pure fabricated news, groundless in fact and authenticity.

“To show that the story was a mere salacious fiction, meant to draw traffic to the discredited purveyor, it claimed the Chief Justice left Nigeria for London on 11 March, on a wheel chair to board a plane.

“The President-elect left Nigeria on 21 March, 10 clear days thereafter. What kind of appointment or secret meeting will the two men have arranged in London, with so wide disparate arrival dates, except in the imagination of the false news merchants?

“We can confirm that the President-elect, who left Nigeria Tuesday has not been in London. He is right now in France to have a deserved rest, after a hectic campaign that began in January 2022. He will go to London thereafter before proceeding to Mecca for the lesser Hajj.

“As we move towards inauguration on 29 May, 2023, Nigerians should expect more false and salacious news from a section of the Nigerian media, on the payroll of the opposition”.

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  1. A president elect went to rest in France?I have said it earlier that Tinubu can’t be my president,this has shown that he is ineligible and not prepared to assume the position of number 1 citizen,does it mean that Nigeria has no beautiful place to rest? how many times have the western world come to Nigeria to rest?this trip of Jagaban has a serious political undertone,he should be in the country with us the poor masses to face whatever outcome of the general election.

    1. My brother, I am happy about your comment…. Since we still have people like you and I including other like minds, I think there is still hope for a better Nigeria.

      How can a president elect and former governor for eight years go to France just to rest…. So there is no place in the whole Nigeria where he can rest❓
      How many times do you see the presidents of European countries coming to Africa to rest❓

  2. looking or reading critically the write up it is clear something is fishing, there is no smoke without fire, whatever it is God in heaven is watching,this stolen mandate must be recovered, if they like let them climb Kilimanjaro mountain and hold their meeting and use big Grammer to lie about it, they will not succeed, the will of people will surely prevail.

  3. Tinubu did not say anything. It is Bayo Onanuga that is reporting. They have now agreed that he is in France. Maybe he is there to rest mad people everywhere.

  4. From France to London is how many hours flight… Mr man stop disgracing us. At this critical time… You said Tinubu AND CJN are just traveling for nothing… You be mumu man

  5. Read Jeremiah 10:23 and Luke 4:5-7: it is only God that should rule every each of the earth. No man can rule.
    But Satan has been ruling the earth. Satan is invisible and so whoever he chooses to stand in for him as a visible representative, he gives the rulership of any country. He offered rulership to Jesus Christ, but he refused it emphatically.
    Why are people killing themselves over something that is beyond them? If you’re a spiritual man, you will know this. The churches don’t know and so they cannot tell their members. This is deep spiritual teaching. Whoever Satan want to be a ruler, that person will be. He can appoint a weak person. An unintelligent person. A cruel person. Black person. Woman. A youth. A criminal. Any person.
    What’s your take on this information?

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