JUST IN: TUC Directs All State Councils for Nationwide Protest over Fuel Subsidy Removal

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) has directed all its affiliates and state councils to mobilise their members for a nationwide protest against the recent removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the protest is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, August 2, 2023.

In a statement issued on Tuesday night, TUC President Festus Osifo and General Secretary Nuhu Toro said the protest was necessary to express the union’s displeasure with the government’s decision to remove fuel subsidy.

The TUC said it supports the removal of fuel subsidy in principle but that the government has not put in place adequate measures to cushion the impact of the removal on ordinary Nigerians.

The congress is not averse to the removal of subsidy; we support the fact that it has to be removed but there must be measures in place to ameliorate its effect on Nigerians,” the statement said.

Such measures include fixing of the refineries and possibly building more; functional transportation system; living wage, good medical facilities and employment.

The TUC said the protest would be held in all states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory.

The policy was not thought through which is why its impact is excruciating on Nigerians,” the statement said.

“Therefore, all affiliates and state councils of Congress are hereby directed to mobilize their members for action by midnight of today, August 1, 2023.”

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