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Popular Northern Group, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, AYCF, has declared that nothing must happen to decorated officer, Abba Kyari, in the wake of his indictment by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI.

In a statement, the group in a statement on Sunday, signed by its leader, Yerima Shettima described Kyari’s current travails as “the attempted intimidation of a police officer right inside his independent fatherland”.

He also rejected the purported plan to arrest DCP Kyari, describing the move by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, as “totally unacceptable, a slap on the sensibility of our compatriots and a ridicule on one of our finest crack detectives.”

The group said it would keep a tap on the happenings in the matter, stressing that there was no justification for “singling out one of Nigeria’s most effective and efficient police officers for castigation”.

He urged “all Nigerians who are truly patriotic to stand behind a man who has made an unrivalled mark on the sands of time by diligently serving his fatherland.”

Shettima called on relevant stakeholders in the country, especially civil society organizations to “rally round this officer who risked his life in multiple operations across Nigeria, a fact proved many times through BBC news coverage of such operations.

“While we are conscious of our sovereignty as a nation, we demand justice for a man with unrivalled records of detective capabilities in the recent history of Nigeria,” the AYCF stressed.


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  1. Senseless, shameless people. Rather than investigating to know if the allegations are true, they are already playing the ethnic card to secure their pockets. People with no honor.

  2. As if to say Abba Kyari is a saint that can only do good all the times. These northerners especially Fulani do have serious problems. As clear as the infractions committed by Kyari are, yet these folks are sidestepping them and talking rubbish. If indeed FBI really decided to impound Kyari Nigerian style, not even Nigerian secret intelligence agency or Mr Kyari’s wife will know when FBI abducts Kyari to USA, but FBI is not as power drunk and yet embecilic as Hausa-fulani ruling Nigerian govt or her secret intelligence agency.

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