JUST IN: Why North will continue to control and rule Nigeria – Northern Elders Forum


The Northern Elders Forum has said that Northern Nigeria will continue to ‘rule’ Nigeria because they have the numbers and majority of the vote.

The Director of Publicity and Advocacy of the NEF, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, said this while speaking at the  Maitama Sule Lecture Series organized by the students’ wing of the Coalition of Northern Groups, held at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, on Saturday.

“We will lead Nigeria the way we have led Nigeria before whether we are President or Vice President, we will lead Nigeria. We have the majority of the votes and democracy says vote whom you want. Why should we accept a second class position when we know we can buy a form and contest for first class and we will win?”

“Why does anybody need to threaten us and intimidate us? We will get that power but be humble because power comes from God. We inherited leadership and being honest is not being stupid.”

“The North has pride; we are humble enough to know that we are going to run Nigeria with other people but we are not going to pay a second fiddle to anybody. We may not have the most robust economy, there are people who are trying to strangulate us even more than we are being strangled.”

His statements are coming amidst strong debates about the Nation’s rotational leadership arrangement between the North and South.

He also revealed that the Northern Economy will be rebuilt adding that the region is not ‘for sale’.

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  1. He is entitled to his own opinion because he is a Nigerian but unknown to him, he is creating more havoc and divided Nigeria. The problem we are facing in this country is one sided power and if not properly checked, this country will go into a serious disunity. If key offices are attracted to different geopolitical zones accordingly in this country, the state of agitation and secession will be a thing of the past. Let power be shared accordingly because the Northerners are not more Nigerians than that of the Southerners nor the Southerners are more Nigerians than the Northerners. If he thinks been a majority gives the Northerners the right to acquire the positions they acquired in this country. What about the minority that has the major resources that feeds this country, what will be there stance on this issue. If this country must achieve its dream let’s not think about ourselves alone because Nigeria belongs to all of us, the South East, South South, South West and the Northerners. Nigeria first, I come in peace.

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