JUST IN: Wike destroyed my Mosque – Asari Dokubo Explodes, Reveals Next Move

The leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Force (NDPSF), Asari Mujaheed Dokubo has accused Nyesom Wike, governor of Rivers, of lying about the demolition of a mosque in the state.

Asari, in a new video, made available to POLITICS NIGERIA, attacked Wike for destroying the mosque, saying that ‘Islam was bigger than him”.

The ex-militant explained that he and his family worship at the mosque located at Trans-Amadi in Port Harcourt and that the property was legally acquired. The governor had denied demolishing the mosque, saying there was no building on the site at the time of the clearance exercise.

“It is most unfortunate that fickle-minded persons will claim that a mosque was demolished at this place, when no mosque existed here. The story was concocted by mischief makers to score cheap points,” he said.

However, Asari said that the governor was not speaking truth on the matter. In his words;”I have been down for eight days which makes it difficult for me to talk on the issues that are trending now; one of the issues is concerning the dastardly act carried out by the governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike, in demolishing my mosque,””I am a member of the congregation of the Trans-Amadi central mosque. That is where I pray with my family. I, alone, have 21 children and I live with 59 other children.

They are on holiday. The bulk of them pray. Fortunately, they are in my village, Ogbama with me.”The debate continues to drag on. Wike claiming there was no mosque; I will say that is a lie. He is lying. And you know, Wike you are lying. if there is no mosque why did you go there? We legally acquired the land for the mosque like other groups there. we acquired it from Dr Sotonye Amadi; a christian group acquired part of that land and they have built their churches, why did you and your brother, Rotimi Amaechi single out our mosque to demolish and to prevent us from building?

”The person who acquired the land for the mosque is an Ijaw man, an Okrika, Ijaw man. This land was acquired legally. Why is this mosque a problem to you?”Rivers state members are active members of that mosque. What offence have we committed against our motherland that you will dictate to us what religion to follow. There are some of you that are Ogboni members; has Ogboni any relationship with Rivers state? you used our money to build a Christian interdenominational centre.

”There is nothing you can do to stop us from being Muslims. You take our money to sponsor Tambuwal. You say you are the governor of all Rivers people; you should examine yourself. You take on weak opponents, but bow before the enemy.

”We are Rivers Muslims. There is nothing you can do about it. You will look at us and get a heart-attack. In the next three years you will be out of government house.”And people are praising you because you said Rivers state is a Christian state. It will never be a Christian state. You not even a Christian. I don”t now which of you is a Christian.”Islam is bigger than you.”

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  1. War, enemity, disagreement, will never solve any pproblem. Wike, Amaechi Rotimi and Asari pls dont use politics and religion to destroy Rivers. Wotever affects Rivers Ijaw, affects Bayelsa. Rivers and Bayelsa are people. We r broters in the Nigerian commonweath. Whateva ur differences are settle it on the roundtable. Dont gv external forces to destroy ur only home. Wike if it is true, find a common ground wit d muslim community. Settle ur differences and coexsist peacefully. God bless Nigeria. God bless our diversity.

  2. Asari re u an ijaw or hausa y an ijaw wil nt cry 4 dis type of nonsense u call religon,let me tall u as long as wike is calling GOD nd JESUS name he wike is big nd greater than islam nd muhammed go 2 hail nd burne 2 ash he wil destroy it again n again i thougth u re an ijaw man were where dis,ur islamic broters wen u were arrested,wen we re crying 4 u nd 2day u re cry 4 dis people,bcos man so where mention ur name ur head is big u wan speak 4 dem hv u spoken one day as ur muslam brothers re doing in nigeria killing n destruction of tins in nigeria. u dey try GOD try u GO se am AGAGN no b PLAY PLAY dis time

  3. wike in his premodial idiology of selfstyle ignorance taken nigeria’s fragile situation as opportunity to escalate religious war,most regretable indeed

  4. Who is asari dokubo to question d governor,u sold ur sold to islam for your own selfish interest,u wll regret it at d end,let me tell u islam is nt part of our religion,most of u get involved to gain favour n recognition but God wll surely deal with all of u causing problem to dis country in d name of religion.Go n sleep asari we dnt knw u for u may b arrested any day any time.

  5. Asari we are used to ur empty noise since the build up of 2015 election. I thought by now u would have sank Nigeria with ur plans. River state has no place for Islam. Where were u wen ur Muslim brothers were killing Christians in Kaduna?. Ur just sitting on a time bomb for trying WIKE.

  6. Dokubo u are a stupid man, who are u to confront the governor of Rivers state u destroyer using one religion name to live, shame on u selfish man God is bigger than u.

  7. @igodo ISLAM will dominate your state in years to come as it is taking place in europe and america. by the way, who are MUHAMMAD? You Don’t Even read your bible you will have know how to spell the word “hell” correctly. You arejust a zero behind a decimal Point.

  8. There are many Christians in North eg. Kano, Kaduna, Yola, Jigawa&Borno etc. they live peacefully they build many Churches nd Mosques without problem. even Imo State their many Muslims there, who build Mosques the Christians dat are there did not complain nd they still live peacefully why those useless people in Rivers are supporting their Governor 4 wat he did,Christian is not by mouth but by heart, some body even say as far as Wike call De name Jesus is better than De whole Islam nd Mohammed..So funny 2 me,hw do U no whether Wike is a complete Christian like U? U can not trust Politician 100% U guys are No.1 causing prob in this our great Nation@Igodo&Ita Romeo Manyor. U guys made De wrong comment.

  9. I don’t know why you people called yourselves as Christian thinking especially south south and east even the leader of some popular denomination in the country are behaving. Something that you know that is impossible you will just be joking with it .A country that everybody known as secular state, some just open his mouth like a crazy dog and declared a state as a Christian state .An ignorance governor like wike has forgot that his statement can cause war, disunity hatred, disharmony and conflict to d country. Mr wike you are not a good leader, illiterate is better than you,we suffering of some problems in d country e.g bokoharam,herdsmen,bandits and you as a governor want to create another religious conflict. If you don’t know how to talk is better you keep silent with all those who praised you

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