Kanu’s release will Commence Process Of National Healing — Security Expert, Udensi


Interpol Systems Consultant in Nigeria, Sir Chikwe Udensi has commended Igbo leaders under the aegis of Highly Respected Igbo Grades for making a demand for unconditional release of the detained leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB Nnamdi Kanu on the President, saying nothing warrants his incarceration.

While nothing that Nnamdi Kanu is passing the right message of Igbo marginalisation in a wrong way, Sir Udensi said his release should commence the process of national healing, insisting that the Igbo have been unfairly treated.

Speaking on a radio programme, Open Parliament on Family Love FM Umuahia, streamed live on ABN Radio and ABN TV on Wednesday, Sir Udensi noted that even though there are clear signs of marginalisation against the Igbo, the use of violence and demand for separation is not the solution.

“Everybody knows the way the Igbos are being treated remains unfortunate. So apparently, one can say Nnamdi Kanu is a prisoner of conscience.

“What we should be looking at is, let us leave what has happened. Let us heal the nation. Release the young man from prison, let us look at how we can effectively put the country back.

“You cannot be talking of reconciliation when you have the young man there in the prison. That is what the Igbo leaders went there and saw the President for.

“Release him, let’s take him to the house and caution him and then we look for better ways to ensure that the country moves forward.

“Today, the country is largely divided, we should look for a way to unite the country” he advised.

Sir Udensi said, though President Muhammadu is not the Head of the Judiciary, he can apply political solution in healing the wound of the nation.

He expressed dissatisfaction that Igbo have been shortchanged in national affairs, calling for a commencement to heal the country for everyone’s interest.

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