Kogi state govt threatens to demolish houses, hotels occupied by yahoo boys

The Kogi State Government has issued a stern warning to internet fraudsters, commonly known as Yahoo boys, threatening to demolish houses they occupy.

The announcement was made by the State Security Adviser, retired Commander Jerry Omodara, during his appearance on the “State of Kogi” radio program in Lokoja on Monday.

Omodara emphasized the government’s need for public assistance in providing information to facilitate the arrest of internet fraudsters within the state.

He revealed that security agencies would soon target hotels used by Yahoo boys for their criminal activities, with appropriate sanctions to be imposed on those who harbour them.

In his statement, Omodara also cautioned landlords against renting their properties to internet fraudsters, warning that such structures would be demolished.

”It should be noted that appropriate sanctions will be handed to those harbouring the fraudsters,” he stated.

He noted that the government, in collaboration with security agencies, has already identified houses built with proceeds from criminal activities and those accommodating criminals, which would soon face demolition.

Furthermore, Omodara disclosed that security agencies and local hunters have been instructed to arrest or neutralize anyone found carrying arms in the forests.

He also praised the efforts of Kogi State Governor, Ahmed Usman Ododo, in tackling insecurity and called on companies and affluent individuals to support the government by donating to the State Security Trust Fund.

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