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KongaPay on course to reach over three million subscribers by 2022, company says

KongaPay is on track to reach over three million active subscribers by 2022, according to the company’s statistics.

The mobile internet platform that caters to Nigerian e-commerce customers is one of the growing businesses of the Konga Group, Nigeria’s e-commerce behemoth.

According to corporate sources, KongaPay was recently repositioned to capture a larger piece of the Nigerian payments industry, a move that has seen the platform take the fintech world by storm.

“KongaPay is currently growing at a rate of 400 per cent month-on-month and we are envisaging our subscriber base to hit and possibly exceed the three million mark by 2022,” said KongaPay’s vice president, Isa Aliyushata.

KongaPay’s adoption has increased by 400 per cent in less than three months, from roughly 272,000 and a meagre 81,000 wallets at the time of the Zinox Group’s purchase in 2018 to 1.1 million members. The management is aiming for a 25 per cent increase in active use by 2022.

Vice President of KongaPay, Isa Aliyushata, said the financial platform has not only extended its array of solutions but is also prepared to roll out new smart features of goods and services offerings to further its success.

“KongaPay is set to take a greater share of the market, in line with the exciting offerings on the cards which we are set to unveil soon. We have not only enjoyed greater engagement and increased transactions from our existing subscribers but have also seen a huge leap in adoption by new subscribers,” Aliyushata said.

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