Labour Party chieftain asks Peter Obi to account for 2023 presidential campaign funds

Faduri Joseph, a chieftain of the Labour Party, has raised concerns regarding the utilization of campaign funds during the 2023 Presidential Elections, urging the party’s Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, to provide a transparent account of the finances.

In an open letter directed to the party through his media Director, Rev. Emmanuel Olorunmagba, Joseph emphasized the necessity for accountability in the aftermath of the elections.

He underscored the significance of disclosing details regarding the financial support garnered both domestically and from Nigerians in the diaspora.

His words: “Since many Nigerians all around the world supported the Labour Party and its presidential candidate financially, by now, one would have expected the party and, most importantly, the presidential candidate person of Peter Obi, to release the report of the support the party got from many Nigerians both home and abroad. How much have we received and spent, and what have we left, if any, to plan for the next election?

“It is imperative to sit down and look through the lenses of 2023 and see what we did wrong. Where we lack the strength and to work on these lapses for future elections because if we don’t look and examine inwardly how we got it wrong in the 2023 election, then we will repeat the same mistakes in future elections and get the same result.

“Our candidate cannot claim to be an alternative to corruption but refused to come out clean to Nigerians and the party of how much kindhearted Nigerians donated, both home and abroad, to support the movement and the new Nigeria agenda for the world to trust and believe us next time.”

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