”Labour Party will win forthcoming Edo governorship election” – Gov Alex Otti

Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti, has pledged to collaborate closely with the Labour Party’s leadership to secure victory in the upcoming gubernatorial election in Edo State.

Otti made this commitment during a visit to the Labour Party’s National Secretariat in Abuja, where he commended Barrister Julius Abure’s leadership and underscored his dedication to service.

Expressing gratitude for the party’s support throughout his tenure as governor, Otti emphasised the pivotal role of political platforms in sustaining elected officials.

He stressed the importance of preserving the party structure, acknowledging its fundamental role in sustaining elected representatives.

His words: “I want to thank you for holding the party for us, fighting on the side of the party and protecting what we know today as the Labour Party.

“The reality is that the law as it is today recognises only the political parties and not individuals. When you take away the party, the individual collapses, even if it is the president. That is why it is critical that we hold on to the platform upon which we are elected.

“I also want to thank you for the support you have been giving to our representatives in the national and state assemblies and myself also who happens to be the only elected governor under Labour Party.

“We thank God that today we have a governor, but I can assure you that that position will change soon with the coming elections in Edo and Ondo states.”

On his part, Abure hailed Otti’s performance since assuming office, highlighting the transformative changes witnessed in critical cities like Umuahia and Aba.

Abure lauded Otti’s achievements, asserting that the progress realised in a short span underscored the party’s commitment to the people’s welfare.

Assuring Otti of the Labour Party’s resurgence and determination to be a prominent opposition force in Nigeria, Abure reaffirmed the party’s commitment to being a catalyst for positive change and electoral success.

He said, “Your Excellency, what you have brought to governance in just a little above six months in Abia state is indescribable. What your predecessors could not achieve in several years in office, you have achieved.

“Abia people will be eternally grateful to Labour Party for giving them this precious gift as a leader. We can only hope that people will begin to see from the transformation going on in Abia that Labour Party is the only party that has the interest of the people at heart.”

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