Lagos lawyer, Farotimi, attacks FG over Kanu, Igboho, Sowore

A Lagos-based lawyer and government critic, Dele Farotimi, has condemned the Federal Government for its ‘harsh’ treatment of activists: Nnamdi Kanu, Omoyele Sowore and Sunday Igboho, while turning a blind eye to Kaduna-based Islamic preacher, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Farotimi believes that Sheikh Gumi is walking free on the graves of the victims of terrorism.

The legal practitioner was reacting to the comments of Sheikh Gumi about the sanction meted out to Abuja Imam, Sheikh Nuru Khalid.

According to the controversial Sheikh, Imam Khalid was wrong for trying to discourage Nigerians from participating in the election to vote out bad leaders, saying he is worse than kidnappers.

Gumi said: “It’s a case of sentiments overriding intellect. Calling masses not to vote (out the) incompetent government by massive voting is worse than the few kidnappings and a misplaced judgment.”

But Farotimi is furious.

“In a sane society, Sowore, MNK, Igboho, wouldn’t be facing multiple terrorism charges and this monster be out, walking free on the graves of the victims, arguing that terrorists are to be pitied, and their victims, mere collateral damage. Pure unadulterated evil,” Farotimi wrote on his verified Facebook page on Monday night.

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