LASPOTECH workers kick against appointment of acting Rector


Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) Labour unions have kicked against the appointment of Samuel Oluyinka Sogunro as the acting Rector for the institution.

The unions, Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP), Senior Staff Association Nigeria Polytechnic (SSANIP), and Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU) made their disapproval known in a joint letter sent to the state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

The workers said they appreciate the governor’s efforts in installing peace and tranquility in the polytechnic through the powerful visitation panel instituted.

“We rely so much on the endeavours for bringing sanity to Lagos State Polytechnic. Our prayer is that God Almighty will crown your efforts in returning joy and happiness in the lives of LASPOTECH workers. These joy and happiness were with us before the coming of the present Rector, Samuel Oluyinka Sogunro, whose antecedent is characterized by students’ harassment, hatred for staff that are not his friend and penchant for diabolism. He became the Rector because of his ungodly friendliness to power that be in government and his diabolical pursuit of the position.

“If there had been a governing council during the time of his appointment, Sogunro could never have been LASPOTECH Rector. Staff, students (Current and past), and pensioners were gravely disappointed when he was appointed. He was least expected to be the Rector. This was a man that could not win LASPOTECH Congregation election twice prior to his appointment as Rector. He became a Rector through his devilish machinations, who he is still making, use off up till now. We want to categorically affirm that he would never have been our Rector if stakeholders in the polytechnic have been involved in the appointment of the Rector. This is the reason for the Unions, as stakeholders are lending our voice in the current appointment of the next Rector of LASPOTECH.

“We are hinging our involvement in the appointment process, not only because we are a stakeholder that is suffering and may continue to suffer from bad governance but also relying on the 15th condition stated in the vacancy advertisement that a prospective Rector of the polytechnic must meet. This is paraphrased as follows: ‘CANDIDATES MUST BE ABLE TO COMMAND THE RESPECT AND LOYALTY OF THE MAJORITY OF MEMBERS OF STAFF AND STUDENTS OF THE INSTITUTION’. We also had to be involved because there is the utmost need to prevent the re-emergence of the prevailing travail in the next dispensation which may be brought about by appointing a wrong and unacceptable person to manage the polytechnic affairs in the next five (5) years. The Unions are passionate about preventing a repeat of the turmoil associated with Sogunro’s style of administration in the polytechnic.”

The fears:

“We are privy to the fact that some of the applicants for the position of Rector are part of Sogunro’s administration. These are METILELU OLUMIDE, the current Deputy Rector (Academics), and SENAYON NURUDEEN, the immediate past Deputy Rector (Academics). These two applicants are an integral part of the MALADMINISTRATION of Sogunro’s regime.

“It will be wrong to give these Sogunro’s compatriots any iota of consideration on their applications. The Unions do not expect them to scale the first hurdle in the process. Any mistake of appointing anyone of the two will bring final doom on the polytechnic.

“Besides, our investigation revealed that these two applicants have deficiencies in their academic qualifications and career progression requirements for the position. (This is contained in their updated curriculum vitae). Also, METILELU has records of various scandals against the students.

“We are also aware that some of the applicants are not from the polytechnic sector. These set of applicants are not to be given consideration because the vacancy advertisement specifically requires applications from those in the polytechnic sector.”


“From the foregoing and relying on the 15th condition necessary for the appointment of the 9th Rector, we align with your desire to give the polytechnic an ACCEPTABLE Rector that will command the loyalty and respect of all stakeholders to the polytechnic. Sir, it will not be out of place if the usual final three (3) candidates selected are subjected to a further rating by the staff and students which will inform the choice of the Visitor. We know that this is a ‘TALL’ request, Sir but you will agree that no amount of effort is too much to sacrifice for PEACE.

“Sir, it will be a great service to the educational sector of the state if your good office can ensure that the appointment of heads of tertiary institutions involves the consideration of stakeholders’ position such that the appointed heads will enjoy ACCEPTABILITY of majority stakeholders and will also be able to COMMAND LOYALTY AND RESPECT of the stakeholders.

“These will go a long way in limiting the persistence crises bedeviling our tertiary institutions. It is of public knowledge that virtually all the tertiary institutions in the state are into a form of crisis and some of which arise from bad governance. Towards this end, we sincerely recommend that a CLAUSE addressing ACCEPTABILITY of the Head to be appointed should be included in Laws establishing our tertiary institutions.

“We equally want to use this medium to pray your good office to constitute for us a GOVERNING COUNCIL consisting of reputable and respectable individuals who are oriented toward the development of our polytechnic. We want men and women who have the wherewithal to put management under effective control. A goal-oriented governing council will checkmate maladministration.”

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