Man knocked down by vehicle while attempting to steal woman’s foodstuffs in Abuja

A 36-year-old man identified as Jamilu was struck by a vehicle on Tuesday in Kwali Market, Abuja, while attempting to abscond with a woman’s purchased foodstuffs.

The incident occurred around 11 am when the woman, Mrs. Patience Raphael, had just completed her shopping, including items like rice, beans, garri, and yam, all packed in a sack.

As she sought a truck pusher to transport her groceries, Jamilu purportedly offered to help carry the load to the roadside.

Seizing the opportunity to make away with the woman’s foodstuffs, Jamilu rushed across the road. However, his escape was abruptly halted as he was hit by a passing car.

Ibrahim Audu, a witness to the incident, told the Daily Trust: “In fact, I was even the one that was trying to call a wheel barrow pusher to come and carry the foodstuffs for the woman when the man came to help carry the load.

“As he was rushing to cross the road in order to escape with the load, he was knocked down.”

He added that the suspect, who sustained bruises and a fracture, was taken to the hospital by vigilantes.

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  1. This is what can lead to. It’s where this government has taken some masses. The other day, people were being flocked for free bread in Lagos.

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