Man Narrates Encounter With Buhari’s Former Chief Of Staff, Abba Kyari


A Twitter user, @DoubleEph, has narrated his encounter with the former Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Abba Kyari.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the Presidency announced the death of President Buhari’s right-hand man in a statement on Saturday morning.

It said the deceased had tested positive for the ravaging COVID-19 and had been receiving treatment. Abba Kyari died on Friday, April 17, 2020.

The statement added that funeral arrangements will be announced shortly.

However, the twitter user, in a series of tweets, narrated how he met the late Kyari in London after trolling him and other government officials on Twitter.

He wrote: “The death of Abba Kyari greatly saddens me. He was one of the Nigerian government officials I abused the most here. Until one fine day last December.

“I was driving when a call came in. ‘Hello, is that Feyi?’ Yes.This is Abba Kyari. I’ll like to meet you and show you I’m not a monster.

“About a week later, I drove down to cambridge to meet him. I took 2 books for him and he also brought 2 books for me. We spent close to 2 hours talking about everything in Nigeria from Buhari to 2nd Niger Bridge.

“I assumed it would be like the usual Nigerian big men you meet and never hear from once they return to Nigeria. But we continued chatting daily and even when he landed in Abuja, he sent a message from the airport saying we should keep in touch.

“Since then we’ve chatted very regularly until the last 2 weeks when his illness took a turn for the worse. Sometimes light capitalism vs socialism banter. Sometimes more serious stuff.

“If you call me a hypocrite I will accept the charge. But I confess that I had started to like the man. It may be that I fell for the old trick of a powerful person treating you with respect but I always found him to be courteous and quite different from the image I had of him.

“This is not an image washing exercise – many people dislike him strongly (I was one of them too not long ago). But hearing the news of his death has left me deeply sad. And I pray that God grants his soul eternal rest and comfort his family.”

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  1. I never liked him nd even disliked him more when I saw his “2023 campaign materials” but then I pray God 2 Forgive him his sins nd do with him whatever He pleases.

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