Many Nigerian students injured as tensions flare with Indian colleagues [PHOTOS]

Pandemonium broke at the Gurgaon University, Haryana, India as about 60 Nigerian students “temporarily” fled the campus after a skirmish with their hosts.

POLITICS NIGERIA learned that some of the Nigerian students were flogged and threatened by Indian students while playing football.

In one of the videos sighted by this news medium, a student believed to be a Nigerian was hit by about 15-20 Indian students.

This incident comes nearly a month after Indian students staged a protest against foreign students offering Salat (obligatory daily prayers for Muslims) at the football ground.

The students allegedly raised “Jai Shree Ram” Hindu faithful slogans and sent a complaint to the institution’s authorities to compel foreign students to offer their prayers in allotted rooms. Subsequently, the school’s authorities said the matter was resolved amicably.

Pertaining to this latest incident, a Nigerian student simply identified as Rabiu, accused some Indian students of attacking him and other foreign students inside their hostel and on the football field.

“The local people came to GD Goenka University hostel with different weapons and started attacking international students.

“Some of us ran out of college while some are trapped inside the hostel. They can’t go out because they are afraid for their life.

“Many international students were injured yesterday (Sunday) by the same local Indians in the football field,” Rabiu said in a First Information Report (FIR) prepared by the police.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Rabiu alleged that around 60 students left the college campus and are now in Delhi.

Similarly, Rabiu’s friend Khalil said: “The locals have been harassing us for a long time at the campus. They hurl abuses and harass us.

“They beat up some of my friends inside their hostel room for no reason. At the football field, they attacked us while we were playing. I asked them to leave but they ganged up and thrashed us.

“We are now in Delhi and have asked the embassy officials to help us.”

As of the time of publishing this report, the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) is yet to react to the occurrence.

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