Middle Belt group says people not happy with Buhari Govt, gives reason


The Middle Belt Movement for Justice and Peace (MBMJP) has said there is disaffection in Benue State against the Muhammadu Buhari administration over armed herdsmen induced humanitarian crisis in the state.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the MBMJP said with over 1.5 million of its farming populace now residing in Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps, Benue State is facing its worst economic and humanitarian crisis without any tangible or meaningful assistance from the Federal Government.

According to a statement issued at the weekend in Makurdi by the Convener of MBMJP, Joe Bukka, “majority of Benue people are not happy that victims of herdsmen crisis in the state are stilled holed up in IDPs camps and not catered for by the federal government.

“Benue is understandably not happy with the Federal Government because over 1.5 million of the farming populace of the state are currently taking refuge in IDPs camps and not in their farms, forcing the prices of food stuffs in the state to go beyond the reach of the ordinary people in one of the states you ordinarily get the cheapest food in the country.

“The people of Benue state feel betrayed that the Federal Government has refused to treat and accord serious attention to the humanitarian crisis in the state thereby leaving the already overwhelmed state government to continue to shoulder the challenge alone.”

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