”Most Nigerians celebrating Christmas with an empty stomach” – Labour Party laments

The Labour Party has lamented that most Nigerians are celebrating this year’s Christmas with an empty stomach due to bad leadership.

Barrister Julius Abure, the National Chairman of the party, slammed the prevailing circumstances in Nigeria in a statement, stating that a vast majority of Nigerians are commemorating Christmas in dire economic conditions due to poor governance.

In his scathing criticism, Abure pointed fingers at the country’s leadership, attributing the hardship experienced by most citizens to inadequate governance and misplaced policies.

Despite the nation’s wealth of resources, he lamented, Nigeria continues to grapple with extreme poverty, leaving many citizens unable to enjoy the festive season due to economic constraints.

Abure specifically scrutinized recent government initiatives, citing the transportation subsidy for holidaymakers.

He criticized the limited reach and sustainability of the program, expressing concerns about its termination after the holiday season.

His words: ”A few days ago, the APC-led government, with fanfare and heart-thumbing, came up with a policy that guarantees reduction by half, transportation for holiday markers. And I sometimes query the level of advice this government gets.

”In a nation of over two hundred million persons, the government employed the services of only 5 transport companies, in addition to the rail services, which completely excluded a particular Christian-dominated zone. The beneficiaries of this social scheme will be less than 0.05 per cent of Nigerians.

”The question has always been, what happens after the yuletide when the scheme would have cease to function.

”Would government also subsidize transport system in Nigeria as it boasted months ago? Schools will be opening in early January, how do the poverty stricken Nigerian grapple with that chaos waiting to happen?

”Did it ever occur to this government that a good percentage of those Nigerians travelling may never return to their base due to economic strangulation perpetuated by this government as one of its economic policies?”

Despite the bleak scenario, Abure called for resilience and hope among Nigerians, asserting his belief in the possibility of a reformed and prosperous Nigeria.

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