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Mufti Menk, Sanusi Lamido, Awosika, others to speak on Rape and Gender Based Violence

Following a successful webinar that took place on the 27th of June 2020 where a lot of women highlighted the insurgence of rape, it’s life-damaging effects and possible solutions to ENDING THE CULTURE OF IMPUNITY IN CASES OF RAPE & GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE in our communities;

The Movement Against Rape & Sexual Violence (MARS-V) is set to host yet another insightful conversation to prompt members of the public to join the fight against rape and gender-based violence.

This webinar is themed around the Religious Stances, Perceptions and Laws on Rape & Gender-Based Violence. It also seeks answers surrounding early girl child marriages, as one of the impeding reasons for the reluctance of some states to adopt laws that can protect children and women from GBV.

The webinar will ultimately highlight the detrimental religious misconceptions that our communities impose upon themselves and also shows the role that everyone needs to play in joining the local and global fight against Rape & Gender-Based Violence.

The Theme of the Webinar is Rape & Gender-Based Violence from the Religious Perspectives and the Religious Leaders to speak on this Deliberately Drafted Panel are Mufti Menk, HRH Muhammadu Sanusi Lamido Sanusi II, Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Oche Job, Methodist Archbishop of Abuja, Sheikh Nuruddeen Lemu, Dr Isa Ali Pantami, Minister Communications & Digital Economy – Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Prof. Cornelius Omonokhua Coordinator NIREC, Pastor Taiwo Awosika, General Overseer, The Army of David Ministry, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Uthman Kano, Abubakar Muhammad and Imam Sharafudeen Abdulsalam Aliagan, Chief Imam of NASFAT FCT and Zonal Missioner.

The Webinar is scheduled to take place this Saturday, July 11th, 2020 at 10am. Attendees are asked to register to attend the webinar via this zoom link:

“The selection of this panel is deliberate. These are our HE FOR SHE HEROES who understand the need for men to support the fight against RAPE and GBV and they are standing up for the truth with religious facts. Women have been speaking about these issues and not much has been done in RESPONDING to them. This panel consists of men who every other man needs to listen to; in understanding the crime against women and children. Since mostly Men are accused of rape and GBV. Men should also talk about it and support women to fight against it. We will continue to exhaust every angle possible and tap into every heavy voice (of both genders) in addressing Rape and GBV – ”

– A statement from the MARS-V GROUP.

Topics to be covered in the course of this webinar include:- Issues Affecting the Girl Child ~ An Islamic Perspective; Contemporary Challenges Facing Sharia Legislation on Rape and Domestic Violence; The Responsibility of Parents on The Upbringing and Protection of their Children against rape; The Religious Perception & Penalty for Rape, Including “Marital Rape”; The Role of Child Upbringing in Shaping the Society: The Islamic Perspective; The Marriageable Age of a Woman – From the Perspective of Christianity, Enforcement and Communal Condemnation as a way Out of Rape and Marital Violence; What Islam Really Says About the Marriageable Age of a Woman, Misogyny and its Relation to Rape; Rape, Nonviolent Rape and The Misconceptions in Islam etc.

This event will be moderated by FAIZ MUHAMMAD ALIYU.

Register to join the conversation via the link below.

About MARS-V Nigeria

This is the ACTION AGAINST RAPE movement.

It is a voluntary, non-profit making collaboration of Doctors, Lawyers, Policy Makers, Policy Influencers, Humanitarians, Civil Society Organizations, Journalists, IT Techs, Community Influencers, Committed Professionals and Dedicated individuals; all sharing one common passion,

For fair justice to be delivered to victims, for obsolete laws to be discarded and betters’ laws to be structured, implemented and executed, this collaboration stands for every purpose of working tenaciously together towards eliminating RAPE AND OTHER GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE RELATED ISSUES in our communities.

MARS-V~ ACTION AGAINST RAPE aims to get the systems to change, improve and amend where necessary, all laws surrounding rape, attempted rape, sexual violence, paedophilia, sexual abuse, false accusations of rape, physical abuse and violence, etc.

It centres on 3 angles of approaches and questions the legal system, the executive system and the communities: Death Sentences, castrations, life imprisonments, bails, fines – when and where should they each apply? Government policies, ministries and agencies – when and how are they required to play a role in the implementation of these laws and which supporting facilities should they provide? Families, communities, societies, religious and traditional leaders, community influencers, etc.; which roles have they got to play in this fight against Rape and GBV.

MARS-V ACTION AGAINST RAPE is also working to become a catalyst of sensitization and reorientation on behavioural changes in our homes, communities and societies on the criminalization of rape, shunning stigma, raising our kids right to respect the bodies and rights of others, watching what our kids say, do and who they hang around, teaching our kids how to understand and speak up against inappropriate touches etc.

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