Murder Controversy trails Death of Chief Lulu-Briggs

- As Widow faces Scrutiny

The Lulu-Briggs family is currently embroiled in Turmoil over the circumstances surrounding the death of its Patriarch, Chief Benson lulu-Briggs, whose body is yet to be buried as a result of the quest to establish how he died.

The son of the late 88-year-old Billionaire, Dumo Lulu-Briggs says the widow of his father still has questions to answer over the sudden death of the businessman in December 2018.

While Seinye, the widow, said the founder and chairman of Moni Pulo Limited, an oil exploration and production company, died aboard a chartered flight to Accra, Ghana, on December 27, 2018, another version said he arrived Accra alive only for the widow to announce his death thereafter.

An autopsy conducted on the body on Friday concluded that Lulu-Briggs did not die a violent death, but Dumo, his son, claims that the pathologist who conducted the post mortem was not the one authorised to do so and that the police were not allowed to witness the process.

In a statement made available to Politics Nigeria, Dumo Lulu-Briggs wrote;

“So where my father’s wife got her report of no violent death must be that she knows what even the Nigeria Police, Ghana Police and Interpol does not know yet. That in itself should be subject of an investigation. Even the notorious interloper, Dr Lawrence Adusie has not tried to voice a comment since after the abracadabra. If my late father’s wife has knowledge of any autopsy report as I write, it must be one she authored because I have not seen any report. And by the way, that death was unnatural does not necessarily mean it was violent. Isn’t someone trying, as usual, to be smart here? All the parties agreed and it formed part of a High Court of Ghana Consent Order that seven months after the death was hidden from the police in Ghana and the mortal remains of my father was deposited in a morgue in Accra, only laboratory tests run from tissue samples taken from the body could reveal a conclusive outcome.”

“As such, samples must be given to the police in Nigeria and Ghana investigating the matter and also to the parties in the matter. Unfortunately, an interloper took over the entire exercise, sent out both the Ghana and Nigeria police pathologists, thereby precluding them from even observing the autopsy in an investigation by the police, and refuses to take samples for the police nor give samples to the parties yet someone is pretending to be jubilating.”

“Now cause of death is one issue, place and time of death is another? Did our father die in Accra or he died in Nigeria? If he died in Nigeria, who kidnapped the corpse to Ghana? If, as my father’s wife now claim that as they arrived Accra aboard the charter aircraft they suddenly discovered that our father was completely motionless, did she alert the police? How was she able to get an ambulance to take the dead body out of the Accra airport without a record to the police, immigration or airport authorities in Accra, Ghana? Did she breach the security in Ghana and Nigeria? These are some of the issues.”

“Calling Chief Dumo O.B.Lulu-Briggs a bad name is just a distraction that can never hide or trump the issues. They can continue to be smart but the 99days for the thief is running out, the one day for the owner is just around the corner. The owner here is the law and it has a long arm.”

“In the over 5 hours she kept him at the PH International airport, inside an aircraft with the charter aircraft doors locked so that no one could go in or come out, what were they doing inside? He had a tracheostomy tube inserted in his throat, he was 88years old, yet his wife had no pity on him, she had him holed up in an aircraft that was completely motionless, going no where for upwards of five hours yet claims to be surprised that our father too was completely motionless as they arrived Accra? What kind of inhuman treatment to a man that was kindness personified.”

“In all of those hours, more than 6hours just to fly from Port Harcourt to Accra that is just an hour, no one attended to him, as they claimed he was sleeping all of that time. He made no sound. Of course, only the living make sounds. So was he alive or already dead? The Law has a long arm. I won’t stop asking questions because, in addition to being a great Nigerian, he was my beloved father. You would do the same if you had on my shoes.”

“I was asking the questions quietly and privately but those who have murdered sleep and could therefore not find sleep thought it was best to malign me publicly. Now the public has opportunity of hearing the other side. The peace that cometh from justice SHALL PREVAIL.”

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