Muslim Group threatens WAEC to sanction Supervisor for ordering Students to remove Hijab

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has kicked against the action of the geography supervisor of the West African Examinations Board for forcing female Muslim candidates to remove their hijab.

A statement issued on Friday, 7th June, 2024 by the Founder and Executive Director of MURIC, Professor Ishaq Akintola, asked WAEC authorities to sanction the erring supervisor as a deterrent to other ignorant religious bigots like him.

The full statement reads:

“The Geography Supervisor of the WAEC examination taken on Friday 31st May, 2024 at the International School, Ibadan, infringed on Allah-given fundamental rights of female Muslim students by forcing all of them to remove their hijabs before entering the examination hall.

“This is intimidation, coercion and harassment. The supervisor’s action is illegal, illegitimate, unlawful and unconstitutional. It is also in disregard of the rule of law and in contempt of the rulings of the courts of the land, including the Supreme Court.

“We note with pleasure that WAEC had issued a circular which allowed candidates to use hijab and forbade their harassment. We therefore call upon WAEC authorities to discipline this erring supervisor.”

“The supervisor’s action is equally provocative and capable of causing public disorder. We note with much concern that instead of confronting those who violate their rights, Muslims in the South-West have been taking legal action. What is most disturbing is that even though the courts have been ruling in favour of the Muslims, their oppressors have always been recalcitrant and stubbornly refusing to comply with court rulings.”

“This is a sad narrative in the history of interreligious relationship in the South-West. The natural concomitant followup is that very soon, Muslim leaders in the region will leave the Muslim youths and ask them to take their destiny in their hands since the law appears helpless. The Muslim youths will have no choice than to defend themselves.”

“Those who refuse to respect the rule of law will have to face the rule of chaos. They will face the anger of oppressed Muslims who have been pushed to the wall. It is simply impossible for Muslims in the South-West to be law-abiding if the Christians are lawless. There is no other way to put it.”

“From now on, examination centres and workplaces where Allah-given fundamental human rights of Muslims are violated will be blacklisted for future peaceful picketing. It is the next stage in the struggle to liberate Muslims from the shackles of oppression, downpression and repression.”

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