N423 Billion Theft: “Don’t go after El-rufai” – Muslim Group issues warning

The Muslim Rights Concern Group, MURIC has condemned moves to probe a Former Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-rufai, over an alleged theft of N423 billion.

An ad hoc committee set up by the Kaduna State House of Assembly to investigate all finances, loans and contracts awarded under Nasir El-Rufai’s administration submitted its report on Wednesday, indicting the ex-governor and some of his appointees of siphoning N423bn state funds..

Reacting to the development via a statement made available to POLITICS NIGERIA on Thursday, the group condemned the move stating that it was ‘ill-advised’.

“The special committee set up by the Kaduna State House of Assembly has recommended that the former governor of the state, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, should be probed (https://www.crimechannels.com/el-rufai-administration-to-be-probed-for-abuse-of-office-money-laundering/#google_vignette).

“MURIC received the news with a pinch of salt. There can be no clean motive behind the attempt. Those who want to probe El-Rufai are not looking for stolen money. It is political vendetta. They are out to stain Mallam’s good name using falsehood, manipulations and manufactured figures as their weapons. It is unsavory, laughable and preposterous. It is an ill-advised move.”

“The current administration in Kaduna will do well to concentrate on building on the enviable achievements of the former governor instead of digging pits for his predecessor. Introducing politics of bitterness to Kaduna State is alien to the political culture and tradition laid down by the great Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto.”

“Any attempt to de-market El-Rufai today is an attempt at undermining the possibility of a continued handshake across the Niger which was characterized by the North-South-West alliance in the February 2023 election. El-Rufai’s role in making the alliance a fait accompli gave Kaduna State special prominence. Therefore, only those who do not wish Kaduna State and, by extension, the North, well can promote the idea of probing El-Rufai.”

“Any attempt by Kaduna lawmakers to shake the status quo is politically naïve, myopic and kindergarten. Kaduna politicians should stop searching for a needle in a whole collection of haystacks.”


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  1. As regards formal governor El-Rufai of Kaduna state it a pity that sabotages are among us so much in Nigeria. You can’t imagine someone whom the state Assembly investigated and found guilty yet some people call themselves MURIC issue warning not To go after person who plugged the state to penury it’s a pity this is exactly what happened in kogi state when do you think we shall come out of this cankerworm that has finished the country.

  2. This MURIC guys must be jokers. Since when did Elrufai become a saint, since when did he rise above the law. Elrufai hasn’t debunked the allegation why are they now crying more than the beareved. Sycophancy like this is one of the reasons Nigeria is the cesspit of corruption.

  3. How we get here God! Why u people always twisting d law and processes into religion? What is north and south-west got to do with all of this? Can’t d governor and d stake holders of Kaduna state be acceptable to d people they are serving again. Are d people bringing religion into this politics of KD state saying bcos of Islam brotherhood things, the entire population of Kaduna should not get their leadership accountable? If he did not still nothing, surely he must be vindicated. Let d process take its course Islam is a religion of of peace so let peace prevail by the government rendering account to it’s citizens. Stop d oppression by using religion to threaten anyone.

  4. MURIC is now redundant and is playing the political meddlesome interloper in affairs outside its realm of influence.

    What is the concern of MURIC if those representing the people of Kaduna State chose to find out what happened to their monies held in trust by the previous government? It is their money, they have the right to probe the previous government if there is enough evidence to prove that the money meant for the development of the entire state has been stolen or mismanaged. They (the people of Kaduna State) are going to pay back those loans the El Rufai government had borrowed. So they have the right to ask for accountability in order to know what they are paying for.

    I believe that MURIC is afraid that investigations by the Kaduna State House of Assembly might expose the odious affair between the government and some of the Muslim clerics in the state whom we were told had received the sum of N10 miilion each from the state government coffers to help in influencing the course of the elections and to force another Muslim-Muslim ticket to continue the demonic political system that has torn the people of the state apart.

    I believe that the money in question was part of the loans taken to develop the southern Christian parts of the state which were diverted to personal business enterprises. All through the period of 8 years the previous government had governed, there has. been nothing in terms of development to show in the Christian part of Kaduna town; It has remained the way it was before the El Rufai government came to power. All the decelopment had been concentrated in the Muslim northern part of town only. And that is what MURIC has referred to as integrity! Joking… Those who live more lives than one will die more deaths than one…

    1. I totally love that quote, “those who live more lives than one will die more deaths than one”
      Well said sir

    2. By saying development was only made in the Muslim dominated areas prove you are not living in Kaduna.And Morever you said what suit your mind.Even a blind man will surely testified what you’re saying is bounties of lies.Your prove you are just been biased base on religion.None of the three zones that doesn’t have a shared development with emphasis at the center.Please go to record not just been biased.

  5. Muslim group or Looters’ group? I think they are Looters’group wearing a religious regalia. Disgraceful Idiots

  6. I didn’t see anything wrong with the State house investigating on this matter.
    I will never be afraid of any investigation if certainly I know I am stainless.

  7. There’s No Muslim anywhere that forbids ER investigation except the BH. Whether he’s a BH member I know not, but all I know is that what goes round comes round.
    Everyone will bear the consequences of his sin

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