NANS to Tinubu: “Restrain Seyi from further attempts to manipulate student loan scheme”

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has called on President Bola Tinubu to restrain his son, Seyi Tinubu, from further attempts to manipulate the student loan scheme for personal interests.

In a statement, NANS expressed concern over the signing the student loans re-enactment bill into law by President Tinubu and raised the alarm about Seyi Tinubu’s alleged involvement in the scheme’s affairs.

NANS spokesperson Comrade Victor Igbudu emphasised the need for transparency and accountability in managing the loan scheme, urging President Tinubu to ensure that funds for students’ welfare are not diverted for personal gain.

The association condemned attempts by individuals, including Asefon Sunday, purportedly acting on behalf of Seyi Tinubu, to defraud the public and undermine NANS’s authority by engaging in unauthorised activities related to the loan scheme.

Part of the statement read, “The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) vehemently condemns the recent signing of the Nigerian Student loan without the involvement of legitimate NANS leadership.

“The association is deeply concerned about the disregard for proper representation and accountability in such a crucial matter affecting Nigerian students.

“We express our disappointment with the actions of individuals, particularly Asefon Sunday, using the name of Seyi Tinubu to defraud and deceive the unsuspecting public, undermining the authority of NANS by parading impersonators in the name of our esteemed association.

“It is evident that their motives are driven by personal gain rather than the welfare of Nigerian students.

“NANS calls upon President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to exercise caution and restrain his son Seyi Tinubu from further attempts to manipulate the student loan scheme for personal interests, as they move from one office to the other seeking for contracts in the name of our reverend organisation, NANS.

“We urge President Tinubu to uphold the integrity of NANS and ensure that those entrusted with representing students’ interests are duly appointed and competent, as Asefon Sunday has shown incompetence on all sides.”

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