NDA attack: No Single Safe Space in Nigeria – Aisha reacts

Popular activist and social critic, Aisha Yesufu has said that there is no single safe space in Nigeria.

Yesufu made this comment on Tuesday while reacting to an attack on the Nigerian Defense Academy by daring Bandits in Kaduna.

POLITICS NIGERIA earlier reported that two officers were killed in the surprise attack. Yesufu wrote on her social media handle;

“If you’re surprised that NDA was attacked, then I am surprised at your surprise.There is no single safe space in Nigeria.”

“What we have is illusion of safety. Corruption & bad governance plus lack of accountability & lack of transparency destroys Add Buhari and it’s a disaster!”.

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  1. This is just the beginning, they need to fill the same way we’re filling. They kill us day and night . Almost everyday and the government are not saying anything about it, this is there time to cry bad government.

  2. Lets break it down here. The dictionary meaning of a bandit is a mere thief on the run. So what we’re saying is that, thieves (not even armed robbers) entered the country’s NDA and operated and even abducted a Major demanding ransom. Okay do we still keep calling these people the name bandits. A group that can attack our national security. Can this orgy happen anywhere else in Nigeria?

  3. I in person term this notorious criminals as mafians so if we are no more safe in Nigeria and security is not restored we are going back to traditional way and by that time it will be too late or hard to control due to anger of vegiance of our killed love ones

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