Niger Delta Group Supports APC on NASS Leadership

The Niger Delta Rights Advocates (NDRA) has thrown its weight behind the zoning arrangement of the All Progressives Congress (APC) while declaring support for Hon Tajudeen Abbas as the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the upcoming 10th National Assembly.

Emphasising the importance of a stable and productive legislative body, the group believes that Abbas’s leadership will bring about positive change and advancement for the Nigerian people.

The NDRA, known for its advocacy of legislative coherence, intelligence, and activism, affirmed that democracy thrives on the separation of powers and the legislature’s role as the voice of the electorate.

In a statement signed by Bright Ngolo on behalf of the Niger Delta Rights Advocates argued that Nigerian democracy should strike a balance between legislative activism and achieving tangible results for the underdeveloped populace and economy.

Taking a firm stance against sentiments surrounding zoning, religion, class, or age, which they perceive as tools used by political oppressors, the NDRA advocated for merit, service, patriotic zeal, transparency, and loyalty to the Nigerian project.

Their objective is to liberate the people from the clutches of poverty and ignorance, setting an agenda based on transparency, accountability, trust, intelligence, and youthfulness.

They said “while acknowledging the diverse interests and aspirations of other candidates for the Speakership, the NDRA refused to be swayed by emotional arguments surrounding zoning. Instead, they focus on the qualifications and capacity of Honorable Tajudeen Abbas.

Noted for his diligence and dedication as a member representing Zaria federal constituency, Abbas has an impressive track record of contributing to the House of Representatives.

“In the outgoing Assembly alone, he sponsored 73 bills, cementing his reputation as one of the most valuable contributors”

The NDRA believes that Abbas brings much-needed generational balance and intellectual brilliance to the leadership equation of the country.


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