Nigeria Customs Service alerts public on fake auction website

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has issued an urgent notice to the public, warning about a fraudulent website falsely claiming to conduct vehicle auctions.

The NCS stated that all official electronic auctions for vehicles and other items are conducted exclusively through their legitimate website,

In the notice released via their verified social media account, the NCS warned citizens of the dangers of falling victim to such scams and urged the public to rely solely on information from their official communication channels.

The fraudulent website in question has been circulating scandalous narratives about a purported auction, misleading the public.

The NCS stressed the importance of staying vigilant and informed by checking announcements and updates only through their verified social media accounts and the official auction platform.

They also encouraged the public to report any suspicious websites or information to help prevent others from becoming victims of scams.

The warning comes as part of the NCS’s ongoing efforts to protect the public from fraud and ensure that all transactions and information related to auctions are secure and trustworthy.

”Beware of false information to prevent falling victim to scams. Stay informed by relying on our verified social media and other communication channels for genuine updates about NCS,” the Customs said.

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